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Back To Boot Camp

So yesterday marked the start of something special …


Best Body Bootcamp


That’s right everyone!  I am BACK to bootcamp!  I had SO much fun last time when Tina did Best Body Bootcamp.  I was thrilled when she announced round 2 and signed up immediately.  I am even more excited that some of my best bloggie friends are doing it too :)


Bootcamp start yesterday with a 20 minute HIIT workout.  I did mine on the treadmill and was a hot sweaty mess at the end.  Therefore I knew I had to share it with you!


20 Minute Treadmill HIIT

After getting hot and sweaty on the treadmill I tackled the weights.  This week’s workouts focuses on super sets.  Super sets are one of my favorite ways to train my muscles and I had a lot of fun with yesterday’s workout!


My goals for bootcamp are pretty simple … I want to get stronger.  At this point in my fitness journey I want to build muscle and strength.  I am still deciding how I will measure my progress for bootcamp … I think it will be a combination of body measurements and some sort of fitness test.  I will not be reporting my weight because weight loss isn’t one of my goals.


I also will be adapting bootcamp to meet my needs.  I start training for some fall races during bootcamp so some of the workouts and cardio will be changed to fit in with my program.  That is what I did back in the spring and it worked out well for me :)


Any-who … Emmie and I are en route back to Georgia today.  We are anxious to get home to Chris and the puppies.  Chris’ mom comes into town tomorrow and we have a full agenda coming up!  No rest for the weary 😉


Are you going to boot camp??

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  1. I am! Everyone made it sound so good last Round I didn’t want to miss out. I am hoping it helps get me over this plateu.

  2. I totally missed it this time darn it! Great Job on the HIIT workout, looks like a fun one!
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