Basketball Court Workout

Fitness Friday + Basketball Court Workout

WOO!!!  It’s Friday!  I am on a perpetual weekend here in Arizona but I still get excited for the actual weekend 😉  It’s been another great week of workouts.  I have been definitely enjoying time with my family but it has been nice being able to sneak off and get a good sweat session in :)  Without further ado, another Fitness Friday is here!

Fitness Friday


Sunday 4-Mile Run

Sunday I did a 4-mile run around my parent’s home in central Phoenix.  There is an awesome canal path that runs for miles!  The interesting thing to note in the above picture is the humidity … do you see it??  It was 65% humidity in PHOENIX.  That is so rare and I was hot.  I thought I had left the moisture back in Georgia but boy was I wrong!


MONDAY Scheduled rest day.  I had to work Monday morning so I was on my feet most of the day.  My legs were pretty heavy from going hard last week so I knew it was time for a rest.


TUESDAY Unschedule rest day.  My aunt and grandmother left early Tuesday morning so my normal gym time went out the window.  I had planned on taking a CrossFit class at the local Lululemon with my friend Kelley but she had to cancel last minute.  I was kind of relieved 😉



Wednesday Workout


Wednesday I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill and felt pretty good.  I almost got to 3.3 miles for an average of 9:10/mile.  After running I did Meg’s “Butt Kicker Leg Workout” and it did just that 😉 I am STILL feeling it today!



Thursday Workout


I started with a slow, easy mile on the treadmill to warm-up my legs.  Then I hit the basketball court for an AWESOME workout!  After smoking my legs and knocking out some cardio I did some planks to help keep the core tight 😉


AND here is the workout I promised you…

Basketball Court Workout


Do each move for the length of the basketball court.  Backpedal your way back to the start.

Butt Kicks

Carioca (right)

Carioca (left)

Side Shuffle (Right)

Side Shuffle (Left)

High Knees

Bear Crawl

Straight Legs


Broad Jumps

**Rest 1-2 Minutes


Do 4 there-and-back sprints.  Rest 3o seconds between each sprint.

Rest 2 minutes.


**Do the whole thing 2 times through!


Today is another busy and fabulous day in Arizona!  My niece has a play this afternoon and Emmie and I are spending the evening with my dad.  Happy Friday friends!

What was your favorite workout this week?

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13 thoughts on “Fitness Friday + Basketball Court Workout”

    1. Thanks lady! I am FEELING strong :) And I think Boot Camp will take it to another level!

  1. I just played basketball for the first time in years last night! I’ll have to write down this BBall workout for the next time I hit the court (I sound so awesome when I use Bball slang lol).
    Erica @ recently posted..MeditationMy Profile

  2. Today I went to my local pool for a swim workout. I swam for about 45 minutes, which is longer than I thought I would last. I just swam until I was tired and then swam some more. My arms are like jello now! It was a great cardio workout and I really felt it in my upper AND lower body afterwards.

  3. I love doing those gym workouts with my Total Body Conditioning Class to mix it up a little–this past week I had them run around with basketballs over their heads for a lap, then dribble for one lap, then repeat! My favorite workout this week was a 3 mile run to the beach because the view there is a great reward. Love your blog!!
    Kasey Shuler recently posted..Seasonal Fruit Friday: The CantoloupeMy Profile

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