Munchkin Meals: Breakfast

Geez louise you guys … a three hour time difference is kicking both Emmie and I in the bum!  I went to bed at 9PM PST and Emmie work up at 3:30AM and was up off/on until she was up for good at 5:30.  She also cut a top tooth overnight so needless to say it’s been an interesting start to our vacation 😉


Lucky for you guys I remembered to take pictures of Emmie’s Munchkin Meals before we left Georgia.  Brittany is the fabulous host for this fun link-up!  This week’s focus was on breakfast and I apparently missed the memo.  I will be on the ball for next week’s focus on lunch 😉




Munchkin Meals Breakfast

Emmie enjoyed an egg scrambled with spinach and nutritional yeast, two small whole-wheat waffles, and some blueberries.



Munchkin Meals Lunch

Lunch consisted of some diced organic chicken, fresh, local peaches, and steamed broccoli.



Munchkin Meals Dinner

Em scarfed down a Morning Star Farms veggie patty, mandarin oranges, and also some green beans.


This girl is seriously all about her food.  She loves the Baby Led Weaning approach we take with her and has been going great with it since 6 months.  I don’t think Emmalyne has a met a food yet that she didn’t like.  I have a hard time getting food on her tray fast enough!  It’s seriously so much fun introducing new tastes to her.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that she keeps an open palate 😉  We are having so much fun with my family here in AZ.  Yesterday my mom introduced Emmalyne to the juke box in our living room and baby girl was quite the mover and shaker 😉

Vintage Juke Box

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Stay tuned for Fitness Friday tomorrow!


What’s your munchkin’s favorite meal?  If you don’t have one, what’s your favorite: breakfast, lunch or dinner? 


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  1. I love how you give her all sorts of different foods, and that she loves them. Jordyn used to be a better eater and eat veggies all the time but lately she hasn’t wanted any veggies. She’s still all about fruit but not so much on veggies. We gotta fix that. I hope Emmie keeps her open palate.

    Hope you’re a fabulous time in AZ!
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