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Emmie and I are safely back in Georgia!  We got back late Tuesday night and have been going non-stop since.  Last night we had our first FRG (family readiness group) meeting with the company Chris commands and it went well!  Chris’ mom also came into town.  Today I am hosting a “welcome” event for a new spouse to our battalion at my house for about 20 people.  Needless to say it’s been a bit crazy 😉  SO I am SUPER excited to have one of my best friends guest posting for me today!  I met Amanda when we were at Fort Hood.  She and her sweet family now live in Colorado but Skype helps keep us connected 😉  She is a mom of two and pretty bad-a** as her post will tell you!  Thanks for helping me out this week Amanda!



Hey Everyone! My name is Amanda and I am a fellow blogger and Army wife friend of Madeline’s! I was pretty excited when she asked me to write on her blog because I get to share with all of you!  I recently ran a 5k obstacle race called Run For Your Lives and she asked me to share my experience.


It is a zombie infested 5k-adventure race. My husband showed me the race online and we knew immediately we had to run it but we had one obstacle of our own before we could race it together, who would watch our two lovely kids. So, we called up his mom and she jumped at the opportunity to come out and watch them. I got online to register and it was super easy. It was a little pricey but I think most races like this cost about the same. It was $85/person and it included a t-shirt, beer, and access to the apocalypse party afterwards that featured live music. There was also suppose to be camping afterwards to continue the party but because of all the wildfires recently in Colorado the camping was canceled.


Race day finally arrived and I was so excited. We got up and made the hour and half drive to a town right outside Denver. They had a parking area and shuttle to the race area. It was $10 to park unless you owned a Subaru and it was free because Subaru was one of the main sponsors. I actually own a Subaru Forrester but we chose to leave it at home with my mother-in-law and the kids. Once we got there we had to check-in and get our race packets. It went very smoothly and I think it is because there were races that started every 30 minutes so that is kind of how everyone showed up; and it wasn’t too crowded at any one time.  They also had a tent where you could check your backpack or whatever else you chose to bring along. That came in handy because we had to bring clean clothes to change into.
Run For Your Lives


Now on to the fun part, the race! The obstacles ranged from climbing over hurdles, sliding down huge water slides, and crawling through mud. There were also 2 obstacles that had low electric voltage.
Run For Your Lives Obstacles


The hardest obstacles were all the HILLS! If you have ever been to Colorado then you would know that it is very mountainous. I think that was what made me so tired. I felt like I was going up one hill and then the next.


And the worst part was when you would have to run and dodge 10-15 zombies while running up these big hills. The job of the zombies was to steal your health. You were given three flags to wear around your waist like you would in flag football and you needed to get through the race dead or alive.
Run For Your Lives Race Zombies
I finished with 1 flag and I was so proud because my husband finished with none! I ended up placing 3rd in female age group 20-29 and 8th overall!
Run For Your Lives Finish
I had such a blast dodging zombies that we are already planning to do the race again if it comes back to Denver next year. I was able to take some pictures to show what some of the course looked like. Enjoy and I highly suggest if there is one in your area to “Run For Your Lives!”
Amanda and Brian




Thank you Amanda!  I get spooked pretty easily so running from zombies sounds intense!  Haha.  BUT I may have to run for my life at some point 😉  SO proud of you for rocking yours first race post-baby!!


Have you ever done a zombie race?

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  1. I’ve heard so much about these races and I really want to do one. But at the same time I have an irrational fear of scary things that I feel like I would just end up in a corner crying. It looks so awesome though, and I may just be a little more inspired now.
    Colleen recently posted..Attitude ChangeMy Profile

  2. Thanks so much for letting me share my experience. It was sooo much fun! I am now hooked on the adventure races and am considering doing the spartan race next May. We need a skype date very soon but of course when life for you starts to calm down. :) Love You!

    Colleen- My husband is pretty terrified of these type of things too. He won’t go into haunted houses. It is pretty funny but this wasn’t that bad. He made it through successfully. The Denver race was very open so they couldn’t hide behind trees and pop out so that was good.
    Amanda recently posted..The Smallest ThingsMy Profile

  3. I did the inaugural run for Your lives last October in Md and it was so much freaking fun!!! It was the first event they put on so there were some logistical issues, but was still such a blast!!! I want to volunteer to be a zombie this year 😉

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