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Sweet Tooth

I have a problem.


For the first time in my life I am battling a sweet tooth.  It’s taken me 8 months to realize it.  Ever since I had Emmalyne my tastebuds have changed.  I used to never crave sweets or really like them for that matter.  I love to bake but I would bake for others and the treats didn’t tempt me.  I didn’t care for cake, ice cream, or candy really.


Somehow that has changed.


Lately I have noticed that every night after dinner my body yearns for something sweet and I indulge too often.  I am all for everything in moderation but processed junk just should be a no go.  And I haven’t been practicing what I preach.  More often than not these sweet babies make it into my belly:

DOTS candy


All in their artificial glory.


So in the interest of full disclosure I am sharing my struggle with you.  Admitting you have a problem is the first step towards recovery right?  😉


I was frustrated last month when I couldn’t get the scale to move during my post-baby body progress.  I think that an over-indulgence in sweets was the culprit.  While I like to enjoy life and eat the things I love I need to practice better moderation.


My plan is to be more aware of what I am putting into my body and stop some of the mindless snacking that has been happening in the afternoons.  I also need to just not buy sweet snacks at the grocery store.  I am really good at “out of sight out of mind” so I just need to implement it.  When I have a craving for something sweet I will substitute some fruit or Greek yogurt into the mix for a healthy, sweet snack.  I WILL conquer my sweet tooth.


Do you have a sweet tooth?  How do you beat it?

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  1. Oh I hear you! I can make a half gallon of Bluebell (a REAL half gallon) disappear in less than 24 hours. And I don’t even have a pregnancy to blame it on!

    What helps me is the banana soft-serve you see all over the Internet.. just sticking a frozen banana in a food processor til soft-servy consistency. Usually I’ll top it with some blueberries and walnuts. Yum =)

    Also, mixing some plain Chobani with berries and freezing for 20 minutes or so.. mmm!

    1. That’s a great idea! I will have to try the banana soft-serve :)

  2. I got into a bad routine when AJ was about 4-5 months old. Like you, I had begun to snack on sweets late at night…I think part of it was from being tired, not eating enough during the day, bf’ing and expending all those calories, etc…For a while, I didn’t notice a difference in my weight b/c of how many calories bf used, but once I started him on solids at 6 mo and wasn’t bf’ing as much, I started to put on a little weight!!
    It’s still a struggle with me – I usually just go to bed when I find myself wanting to snack b/c it’s a sign that I’m tired (for me). I also have started eating grapes and strawberries shortly after dinner to satisfy that sweet tooth =)
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    1. It’s so NEW to me because I seriously never had one before Em! The strange things that pregnancy does to you right??

  3. I’ve been noticing the same thing lately. I originally gave myself some more slack when I realized I needed to gain some weight to get my hormones back in alignment, so I let myself eat more processed/sweet foods than I normally would. Now that my body is doing what it should be doing, it doesn’t mean that I can still do that – and really, I didn’t need to eat all those sweet treats when I was trying to fix my problem, it just made it easier to get those calories in! I’m doing operation “only one piece of chocolate after dinner” over here.
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    1. I do love dark chocolate so maybe that is the rule I will implement also!

  4. I have always had a sweet tooth. It is awesome to strive to eat healthy and make good choices, just remember to indulge in life a little and not be too hard on yourself!! Its okay to not eat “perfect” al the time:) I agree with Amanda…I grew on Dark Chocolate and it definitely satisfies a sweet tooth. I also will eat a bowl of cereal or drink a glass of chocolate milk for dessert or some oatmeal and it actually fills me and my craving. I usually eat plain cheerios, a Kashi, or the Kellogs cereal with the chocolate bits. Remember to just enjoy:)
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  5. I have advice! and had the same situation!

    One month before I gave birth (March 2012), I gave up sweets until birth because I was living off them- a month suspension was something I could handle and I have done once a year for the most recent past half decade for lent.

    After birth, with the restriction done, meals scattered here and there, and the need for calories for breastfeeding- I was eating a lot of sweets- cookies for breakfast is one example. Plus my non-healthy mom came for a after birth visit, and she kept being desserts into the house.

    My solution was to switch to sweets only two days a week. One day a week was too restrictive, and the two days are great for random schedules dependent on baby a lot. The days change around most weeks based on what we are doing and when something sounds good. Example- One week it is a froyo date with chocolate almonds throughout the day and the other day a bit of fun sugar items here and there. It is always a toss up BUT the flexibility helps me stick with it.

    Evenings are hard for me still for some reason- the baby is making for tastebud changes- BUT I can hold out now :)

  6. I have always had a sweet tooth. I’ve noticed that the less sweets I eat, the less I crave them. I know this isn’t a fun answer, but I really just have to keep them out of the house. If it’s there, I’ll eat a bit of it, then I’ll eat a bit of it All.The.Time.
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  7. I have a horrible addiction to sugar! I cannot eat candy or any dessert for that matter in moderation. I try to completely stay away from it except for two days out of the month. You know the time of month I’m talkin’ about! 😉 This doesn’t always happen, but that’s what I set my intention to do.
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  8. Same problem here and like you it didn’t happen until after kids. My theory is that it is partly due to being soo tired and my body craving a spike. My go to snacks are a few dark chocolate covered almonds, Yasso greek yogurt bars (soooo good and only 70 calories)or lately I have been making different protein pops/ greek yogurt pops with some really good popscicle mold I bought on amazon. I mix all kinds of things depending on my mood (different yogurts, choc protein, frozen fruits, p-nut butter, etc.) Sometimes I add some spinach or kale for an extra batch of veggies. It is a a frozen sweet treat!
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  9. I’m currently on a weight loss journey and am dealing with the SAME exact issue … and a few others.

    Lately, for my sweet tooth I’ve been having 1/2 of a chocolate coconut water. So rich and chocolat-y. Also I splash chocolate soy milk into my coffee sometimes. I’m not going to 100% deprive myself, so I picked the lesser of two evils AND in moderation amounts. So far, so good … but then again, it’s been two days since I’ve done this! Haha.
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  10. I definitely have a bigger sweet tooth after having Jordyn than I did before I had her, but I still don’t think it’s that bad. I was never a huge candy eater and I’m still not, thankfully. I don’t like cake and I dislike icing even more(yes, I know I’m a wierdo) so that helps a lot. However, I do like ice cream. We don’t buy it often but when we do, I try to keep it to frozen yogurt to make it better.

    Like you, the “out of sight, out of mind” works pretty well for me. I tend to avoid the cookie aisle at the grocery store, along with the ice cream section as well. TJ will sometimes bring home cookies (which he did the other day and I proudly only ate 1) but he tends to eat them in two or three days and their gone, so I very rarely get a chance to get at them, which is good. Typically, the cookies he buys are Oreos, and I don’t like Oreos, unless they’re made in a dessert so staying away from Oreos is easy for me.

    When I do encounter a sweet tooth episode, I try to go for yogurt, an apple (with a little peanut butter) or some Love Grown chocolate granola.
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  11. I have a horrible sweet tooth. In the past, I have noticed that if I’m not careful, two cookie can turn into fifteen. My best advice is to just not keep any sweets in the house. So I have no cookies or cakes or anything. The only thing I have that would be considered on the sweet side are some sweeter flavored nut butters or Chobani yogurts. But I do treat myself to dessert or sweets about once or twice a week.

  12. So does malibu and vodka soaked gummies for tomorrow count?

    I am with you on the sweet tooth. I want to shot Tommy every time he brings home sweets. I have no control. I must get better. Want a buddy system?

  13. Ditto! I noticed that my belly was feeling and looking (to me) super bloated so I cut sweets I noticed a flatter belly really fast! I don’t buy candy anymore to avoid the temptation BUT i do buy watermelon or some sweet flavor sugerfree gum so if I want that sweet snack I have a piece of gum and it totally does the trick :)

    Also once you cut sweets – the first few weeks/month is terrible! but don’t indulge/cheat. You get over the hump and over the cravings if you stick to no candy or cheat days for a while! GL

  14. Our problem is ice cream. We can’t stop it! But for other stuff, I love love love fruit, so that solves my sweet tooth.
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  15. I developed a sweet tooth during pregnancy and it seems to have intensified since giving birth. Eating more fruit and just eating more period during the day seems to help but I spend way too much time thinking about Reese’s Pieces.
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  16. I think this is something a lot of breastfeeding moms (myself included!) struggle with. I actually JUST posted on what works for me. Essentially, I don’t eat ANY added sugar (in bread, yogurt, anything) Monday-Thursday. Then by Friday afternoon, I’m ready for a treat. The rest of the weekend, I let myself have whatever I want, including sweet treats, but I don’t eat them too late on a Sunday so I don’t get a “sugar hangover.” I just can’t afford one during the week with an active little boy to take care of!
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  17. I have always had a major sweet tooth, but it was never in the form of candy. ALWAYS in the form of cake, cookies, and pie. Drives me nuts! I actually had a moment a few weeks ago where I decided no more sugar or dairy…and I actually had no cravings! Sometimes you just need to say no more and move on.
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  18. What a great topic! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t do this in some way. I have a sweet tooth, and I have it bad. Chocolate is my biggest weakness, particularly milk chocolate. If I go down that road, there is no coming back! What I have started doing is allowing myself two squares of high quality dark chocolate, at 70% cocoa or higher – this is a healthier option and satisfies my cravings just enough.
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