Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday + Tips for Staying Active on Vacation

Happy Fitness Friday everyone!! ¬†It’s been a couple weeks since I posted one because Emmalyne turned 9-months last week and that trumps everything ūüėČ ¬†Even though I have been traveling this week I am still pretty proud of my workouts.

Fitness Friday




Emmie and I tackled a 3 mile run together on Sunday morning.  We started at 9AM which meant it was HOT.  My pace was slower than normal but considering I was also pushing the BOB I was happy.





Chris had Monday off so we took advantage of that and went on a family run in J.F. Gregory. ¬†I am a firm believer in that the family that sweats together, stays together ūüėČ ¬†After the run we headed to the gym where I lifted my shoulders and legs (FYI my legs were killing me Wednesday and Thursday).





I took the day off. ¬†Emmie and I traveled for 11 hours and that was “exercise” enough. ¬†Haha. ¬†I honestly felt worse after this day of traveling than I did after my last half -marathon ūüėČ





I got a 2-week pass for my mom’s gym and I hit it up for the first time yesterday. ¬†I did a 3-mile run on the treadmill and then lifted legs again. ¬†It felt good to get a good sweat in after waking up at 5:30 ūüėČ
Even though I am on vacation right now I am still making an effort to stay active and keep exercising throughout my trip.  There are some steps everyone can take while on vacation to get a good sweat in!  Here are some of my tips for staying active on vacation :)

1. ¬†HAVE A PLAN. ¬†Do a little research before you leave to see what your options are. ¬†Create a tentative workout plan. ¬† 2. PACK YOUR ESSENTIALS. ¬†Have a favorite workout DVD? ¬†Pack it! ¬†I often bring my yoga DVDs with me. ¬†There are other body weight only DVDs you can bring also. ¬†A good set of resistance bands are also a great investment. ¬†They are easily packed and super light taking up minimal space. ¬† 3. ¬†PLAN “FIT” ACTIVITIES. ¬†Hiking, bicycling, snorkeling, surfing, walking are all great ways to stay fit on vacation. ¬†Choose some activities that not only let you enjoy your surroundings but get you moving as well. ¬† 4. ¬†WEAR A PEDOMETER. ¬†See how many steps you can get in for the day. ¬†Set a personal goal and make a good effort to reach it. ¬†Site seeing on foot can be tons of fun too! ¬† 5. ¬†HIT THE GYM. ¬†Many hotels now have full gyms making fitness easily accessible to guests. ¬†If you’re not staying at hotel see if the local gym has a drop-in or weekly rate. ¬†Sometimes you can also print out a “guest pass” online. ¬† 6. ¬†TRY ¬†A NEW CLASS. ¬†When I was home in February I tried Pure Barre here in Phoenix and LOVED it. ¬†Visiting a new city ¬†can open up your fitness world to a new style of classes. ¬†SO much fun too. ¬† 7. ¬†MAKE IT A FAMILY AFFAIR. ¬†Get your family/friends in on it! ¬†Again, the family that sweats together stays together ūüėČ ¬† No excuses! ¬†Even on vacation you can get moving. ¬†Plus it makes it SO much easier to get back into a full-pace workout routine when you get home :) ¬† Any-who have a fabulous weekend! ¬†I am not sure what’s on our agenda but I know it will be fun ūüėČ ¬† What’s your favorite way to stay active on vacation?

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10 thoughts on “Fitness Friday + Tips for Staying Active on Vacation”

  1. You hit my number one tip to stay fit on vacation – plan active activities! My boyfriend and I travel a lot and we always workout together so we try to find fun things to do (aside from running which you can always do). In a few weeks we are heading to New Mexico and we’ve already got a few hiking trails picked out to explore the mountains up there!
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  2. Look at you!! Great job staying active while traveling :)
    For me personally, I believe that it’s important to stay active and everything, but I definitely take more of a “laid back vacation” approach. That also depends on how long my vacation is and where I’m going, but I do like to do activities that involve movement instead of actual workouts!
    Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..WIAW: ForgetfulMy Profile

  3. You are definitely working out this week! Good job!
    I have a few random questions.. What is the white watch with the calories you wear? How do you like the Forerunner? What pedometer do you use/recommend? The ones i have gotten never seem to last long!
    And random last one, what do you use to make those pictures like the fitfluential pictures? Love it!
    Samantha recently posted..I am a Sweat Pink Ambassador!My Profile

  4. I absolutely love working out on vacation. I generally train in the mornings so I am usually rushing (either to finish before my son gets up or to get out the door to work). On vacation it’s nice not to have to rush, plus I always try new things based on what’s available and it always feels fun to workout in a new environment. Plus, if we are away with help (my parents) it’s so much fun to be able to train with my husband.
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