Weekend Recap

Today is Emmalyne’s and my last day in Arizona … :(  As hard as it is going to be leaving my family tomorrow, we are both anxious to get home to Chris and the pups!  In case you missed it here were my posts from the weekend:


Rather than be a specific recap of the weekend, I am sharing some of my favorite stuff from my visit.  First, I had the chance to see MANY of my best friends.  All these women are my sorority sisters and I am lucky in that we always can get together when I am back in Phoenix.

Alpha Phi Friends


My niece Grace had a performance Friday of Mary Poppins.  She was a part of a “musical theatre marathon” camp last week and learned all the songs, choreography, blocking, and lines in 4 days!  She was seriously impressive and spot on.  When I entered college I was a theatre education major (little known fact…) and she is obviously taking after me 😉


Grace's Play


Sunday morning I convinced my mom and step-dad to hit up my favorite local breakfast place, Scramble.  Scramble provides seriously fresh food in a fun atmosphere.  Their French toast is among my favorite ever!  The service is fast and the food tasty … basically a 10 overall!

Scramble Phoenix

Sunday we also celebrated my nephew Thomas’ 8th birthday.  I seriously don’t know where time has gone.  He is my sister’s youngest child and will always be my scrappy, my koala bear.

Thomas' 8th Birthday

I had fun picking up Grace too.  Even though she is almost as tall as me, I can still hold her like a baby 😉


We had some awesome food to go with the fun.  My sister picked up BBQ from Famous Dave’s and we had that along with my mom’s famous potato salad and some fresh fruit.

Birthday Food

Thomas loves everything military so his birthday was Army themed.  Heather got him this awesome cake (it was delicious too!):

Camouflage Cake

We had a great time as a family.  I had 1/2 of my siblings present, my uncle, my parents, 3 nephews, a niece, daughter, and family friends.  It was such a wonderful day :)  On top of that we got to celebrate the birth of a great kid.  Happy Birthday Thomas!!

Thomas Candles

Today is going to be BUSY.  My mom and I have some errands to run, laundry to do, and some serious packing to accomplish.  I also need to get to the gym because Best Body Bootcamp starts TODAY!!  Woo!!  More on that this week :)

How was YOUR weekend?  

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  1. What an amazing cake, I know, everyone else said that too, but seriously that is one cool cake. Sounds like you had a great visit. It is always great to visit, even home towns, but at the end it is also nice to get back home!

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