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Weekend Recap

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Another weekend that went by too fast!  I guess though I am on a perpetual weekend here in Arizona 😉  I have been super lucky that my time here has coincided with my grandmother’s visit from Texas and my Aunt Linda being in town from Minnesota!  It’s been FULL of family :)  In case you missed it, my posts from the weekend:



Saturday was a full day.  We all took turns getting our workout in so someone would always be home with grandma and Emmie.  I snuck off to the gym and did a 20 minute run on the treadmill and then lifted weights for my back.  Boy did I feel the burn!

#FitFluential Workout

That afternoon my friend Kelley picked me up for some lunch and retail therapy!  Kelley was one of my bridesmaids and it had been way too long since we got to hang out.  We headed to the Biltmore Fashion Park and hit of True Food Kitchen.

True Food Kitchen steak tacos

I got the steak tacos and they were AH-MAZING!  True Food seriously always impresses me and I love that they use natural and healthy ingredients in their food.  After that, Kelley and I hit up some of my favorite stores and I scored a couple cute new things along the way.  Fashion post coming this week 😉

After a fun day with Kelley it was time to head back to my mom’s house for a family dinner.  A simple family dinner in our house consists of 11 people and that’s not even everyone.  My grandma made her famous 7-minute frosting for a chocolate cake and my niece and nephew were excited to help my mom frost the cake.

Grandma's Frosting

We had an awesome dinner of my mom’s famous meat loaf, roasted potatoes, a brussle sprout and tomato salad, and corn bread.  My mom out-does herself every single time.  No one went hungry and everyone’s bellies were happy!



I started my day off with an awesome 4-mile run.  It was 81 degrees and humid which threw me for a loop because anyone who is from Arizona knows that humidity is a rather foreign concept here.  I thought I left it all behind me in Georgia.  My legs were pretty tired from a great week of workouts so I kept my pace slow and steady.  The view is very different here than it is in Savannah but it reminds me why I love the dessert.

4 Mile AZ run

The rest of the day I hung out over at my sister’s house.  She and I hit up Trader Joe’s and she helped stock me up on some of my favorite treats that I don’t have access to in Georgia.  Sunday night everyone came over for another family dinner.  My grandma is a puzzle queen and got the whole fam in on the action:

family puzzle

The other beauty of having grandma here is that there were 4-generations together.  Here is my grandmother with 4 of her great-grandchildren.

Great Grandma and kids

We had another great spread of food which was made even better by the company.  It’s nights like this that makes me miss living here in Arizona and long for the day that Chris and I can make it our home again.  I love my family more than anything and seeing Emmalyne play with her cousins hit home to me.  One day … one day.

I have some fun things planned on the blog this week plus an announcement tomorrow so stay tuned 😉

How was your weekend?

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  1. oh where in tx? i love tx grandma’s! looks like a wonderful weekend with family. well the 81F run is brutal but you did it!

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