#WIAW Dinner


Happy 4th of July friends!!  Today is a day about celebrating this amazing place I call home :)  A HUGE thank you to the men and women proudly wearing the uniform of the United States of America.  Your commitment to freedom and the sacrifices you make is not lost on me.  Today I will drink a beer for many of our friends fighting in the name of freedom overseas.  Stay safe and hurry home!


We will be celebrating the 4th at Tybee Island with a bunch of great people including this girl.  Our friends Melanie and Alan are driving in from Virginia too.  Melanie is one of my best friends from our time at Fort Hood and it has been over a year since we saw each other.  I can’t wait for some quality girl time and chats :)


Since it is Wednesday, it’s time for another “What I Ate Wednesday” with Jenn from Peas and Crayons :)  This month WIAW is all about fun, food, AND fitness!  Three things I can totally get behind!


#WIAW breakfast

1 egg+egg whites scrambled with spinach and nutritional yeast, organic whole-wheat Rudi’s English muffin with PB and chia seeds, and a banana.



After an awesome FitFluential twitter chat the other night I was inspired to get back into my CrossFit WODs.  They had taken a hiatus the last couple of months and I have been thinking about how much I missed them!  I got back into it today by going “Barbara”:

CrossFit Barbara


I only had time to do 3 rounds even though it called for 5.  I would have loved to finish all 5 but I definitely felt the burn though!  I also did assisted pull-ups because I can’t do full ones quite yet 😉



#WIAW Lunch

Two slices of Kashi Mediterranean pizza.  It was DELICIOUS and quick!


Chris got off work early yesterday so he got to go with Emmie and I to the farmer’s market in J.F. Gregory park.  We picked up local produce and some grass-fed beef for burgers this week.  I seriously LOVE that this market is so close to us.  If you are in the Savannah or Richmond Hill area I highly recommend it.  The farmer’s market is every Tuesday from 3-7PM.

J.F. Gregory farmers market

Mom and Baby


#WIAW Dinner

New England style pot roast with potatoes, onions, and carrots.


Thank you for all your tips and tricks in regards to battling my sweet tooth.  It is heartening to know that I am not alone!  FYI … the Dots went in the trash 😉  I don’t plan on eliminating sweets completely because I truly believe everything in moderation is the way that works for me.  I just have to make better conscious decisions :)


How are you celebrating the 4th?

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  1. Happy Fourth!!! I love Barbara! One of the toughest WOD’s I’ve done simply cause I hate body weight movements! The whole 5 rounds is killer!

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