Fitness Friday

Well today is finally Friday!  It’s a bit bitter sweet in our house … my mother-in-law leaves today after spoiling me with her nanny services for the last 9 days.  I spent the last 3.5 weeks with either my mom or Yon and have been pampered with ME time.  I am sad for her to leave but I am also excited to get back to normal.  I am also ready for a weekend with JUST Chris and Emmalyne.  We haven’t had one of those since June.  Seriously.


Since it’s Friday, it means it’s time for another round of Fitness Friday here at triple F.  It is also my Week 2 wrap-up of Best Body Bootcamp.  With Yon being here I was able to get some quality workouts in without the Emster.  While I love my little running buddy I also love just being able to do work.  Haha.


6 Mile Run



Sunday was my “optional cardio” day for Best Body Bootcamp.  I met Heather and Leslie Ann at J.F. Gregory and we busted out 6 miles.  I felt awesome.




I attended my first class at Awakening Yoga Studio in Richmond Hill.  It’s a cute little study and the owner Lisa is seriously awesome.  I did a warm summer vinyasa class and it made my whole week.  I am making doing a yoga class once a week one of my BBB goals.


3 Mile Solo Run


I hit the trail by my house and did a 3.5 mile run on my own.  I wore my Lululemon hydration belt again and seriously still love it.  I got a lot of questions asking if it rides up and my answer is no.  It stays in place on me.  I maybe adjusted it once the whole time.  It was also the perfect day for a run … cloudy, misting and cool.  When I got home I did the Best Body Bootcamp Workout B focusing on legs.  This week there was an extra set of “to fatigue” exercises and the last wall-sit nearly did me in.  Burned so good!



5x400m Repeats and Arms


Wednesday was speed work day for me for half-marathon training.  I did a 1 mile warm-up, 5×400 m repeats with 400m of recovery between interval, and a 1 mile cool-down for 4.5 miles total.  BAM.  Then I did Best Body Bootcamp Workout A focusing on upper body strength.








Today I am going to do the BBB interval workout and knock-out workout C to get my 3rd and final strength training day in for the week.


AND because it’s fun … I am participating (as much as I can/remember) in VEDA … Video Every Day in August.  Yesterday’s video is all about changes and what really matters to me … Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube to see them all :)