Emmalyne: Month Ten

Emmalyne 10 Months
Double digits.  What has happened?  Yesterday she was a defenseless newborn and now she is a precocious and busy baby on the brink of toddlerhood.  Sigh.  If you’re new to Emmalyne’s updates here’s where you can catch up:

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This month we are changing things up.  Chris has graciously agreed to give his two cents on all of Emmalyne’s updates!  Without further ado … I turn it over to the hubs.

Emmalyne Month 10



Emmie’s about 2 1/2 footballs long (unverified).  Not sure if her feet are growing longer, but they are chunkier. Finally, she’s now rocking a certified buddah belly.  Pretty sure she has an innie belly button when she hasn’t eaten and an outie afterwards.


Emmalyne Month 10

Emmalyne Month 10



 Emmie now knows what she wants and is willing to talk about it, even if you can’t understand. She’s also much more abusive to her loving father using hand strikes to the face and eye scratching.  Pretty sure she’s have no trouble kicking the crap out of boyfriends in the future.


Emmalyne Month 10



I (Madeline) am going to take this one on since I am the one ahem doing it.  Breastfeeding is still going.  Emmie is nursing about 4 times a day with 1 bottle at night that Chris feeds her that we supplement with formula.  She nurses like a champ first thing in the morning.  Two of her nursing sessions are getting kind of lazy during the day and 1 of the afternoon ones is a good one.  I think she is just too busy to nurse during the day!  I am SO CLOSE to making my goal of a year and am contemplating going beyond that.  But that’s another post 😉

Emmalyne Month 10

Emmalyne Month 10



Probably the easiest way to do it, since she can pretty much eat anything and enjoy it.  I don’t appreciate the fact however, that she’s already costing me money when I take her out.  I figured mom’s boob milk would suffice as nutrition for at least a little while.  Instead I’m stuck ordering her chicken and fruit.


Emmalyne Month 10



I’m settling on the fact she will be a volleyball player because she refuses to kick a soccer ball, but she’s already throwing it around like a rag doll.  Her favorite game of late is called “let’s open a drawer, bag, or cabinet, and pull everything out for the heck of it.”


The debate is on trying to decipher her words.  She says what sounds like BAE!! in reference to Bailey but she also yells it at Trigger so not quite sure.  Most of everything else is blah blah blah,  to which my reply is usually “really??”

I (Madeline) have to add that Emmie clearly says daddy, mama, uh-oh, and hi.  I am convinced Bae is Bailey since she chases Bailey while saying it.  She said Trigger (tree tree) too.

Emmalyne Month 10



Emmie’s top two teeth came in the day after Maddy left for Phoenix with Emmie.  Kinda happy I didn’t have to deal with that. I can verify that the top two teeth are on the way down, and they’re big, and they hurt.



Thankfully she still sleeps through most of the night.  But no baby hates getting ready for bed more than her.  It’s a fight to the death, which she loses every time.


Emmalyne Month 10


Oh Chris … Emmie is lucky to have you as her daddy!  Thanks for taking the time and writing this for me :)


As always baby girl … we don’t know how we got so lucky to call you ours.  You make every day brighter, happier, and more fulfilling.  Thank you for giving us the privilege of being your parents.  We hope to only screw you up a little 😉


We love you baby girl.  You are our sunshine.