Fitness Friday

On Facebook I dubbed yesterday “Thankful Thursday” … why you ask?  Because Emmalyne’s fever was GONE and I had my happy, sweet baby back :)  I am so THANKFUL that she is feeling better.  There is not much worse as a mother than when your baby is hurting.  So I am excited for a weekend full of fun family time :)


Even though our weekend started yesterday, today is still Friday and it’s time for another installment of Fitness Friday!  I am content with my workouts this week and week #3 of Best Body Bootcamp went swimmingly.  Every week Tina asks us to set goals for the week.  Mine are still to drink 100+ oz of water each day and to do yoga at least once a week.  I have hit the H2O consumption every day and am planning on going to a flow class tomorrow so CHECK!  Without further ado … here is what I did:





Circuit Intervals


Monday’s Best Body Bootcamp workout was circuit intervals.  The super sets focused on “push” exercises and were pretty awesome.  My goal was to do my 10 minutes of cardio at a faster pace per mile than I am used to.  It totaled 4.68 miles in the end.  This is what it looked like:

10 min warm-up -> super set 1 -> 10 min cardio -> super set 2 -> 10 min cardio -> super set 3 -> 10 min cardio




5/5 Intervals


Tuesday was 50 minutes of cardio intervals with 5 minutes easy followed by 5 minutes hard repeated.  I wanted to really push myself and I did!  After running I did 15 minutes of core work.  This is what my intervals looked like:


5/5 Interval Workout


Gym Workout


Emmie’s fever struck Wednesday morning so she stayed in her PJ’s and we skipped the gym.  Luckily we have some gym equipment in the garage so when she went down for her nap I hit the garage for Phase 2, Workout B.  It was a circuit style workout like Monday but these exercises were “pull” focused.  I did my cardio by running, high knee-ing, and butt-kicking up and down my LONG driveway.  Great workout and just a reminder that I don’t NEED the gym to sweat hard 😉



REST.  Decided to take it easy after a late/long night with Emmalyne.  Needed to regroup!



I will be hitting the gym this morning for Phase 2, Workout C and a 30 minute run.


Overall I can’t complain!  We have a busy weekend ahead of us.  Tomorrow night we are going to the Savannah Sand Gnats with Chris’ company and Sunday Heather and I have a 6-miler planned!  Woo Woo.  Have a great weekend!!  See you Sunday for the Top 10!


Did you have a great workout this week?  Share it in the comments!  I would love to hear about it … especially if it’s one I can pin 😉