Weekly Top 10

Happy Sunday friends!  We are having a great extended weekend and are gearing up for reality tomorrow.  There are always so many great blog posts during the week so let’s just cut to it …. this week’s top 10!




1.  God Issued from The Wannabe Athlete – Callie writes an amazingly beautiful, and personal, post about the power of kindness when it comes from a stranger.  Tears.


2.  My Top 12 Meatless Recipes from The Lean Green Bean – Every time I read Lindsay’s blog I drool …. which is SO sexy I know.  She does a great round-up of her favorite meatless meals.  Now if only I could convince Chris to let me make them …


3.  Crockpot Black Beans from Peas and Crayons – Jenn makes me smile with her witty (and often snarky) posts.  She is also a culinary mastermind and the genius behind WIAW.  This week she reminded me that I could do myself and the family a world of good by cooking up a batch of beans in the crockpot and ditch the can.


4.  1 Year of Breastfeeding: My Weaning Plans from A Healthy Slice of Life – Brittany shares her thoughts on weaning.  Since Hailey is just a couple weeks older than Emmalyne I like seeing what other mom’s are planning on doing.  We are still deciding ours.


5.  Races Don’t Make An Athlete from Banana Buzzbomb – Heidi gives us another awesome post … this time on why running races doesn’t make you an athlete … or rather not running races doesn’t make you NOT an athlete.  I don’t run a lot of races so this post hit home for me!


6.  What Does a Fit Body Look Like from FIt Knit Chick – Tamara talks about the different physiques of Olympic athletes.  Tell me you haven’t ogled Ryan Lochte once or twice these Olympics 😉


7.  If I Owned a Gym from Life of Blyss via Lindsay’s List – this post is hilarious.  Read it.  Read it now.


8.  8 Tips for Injury Prevention from Mommy Run Fast – Laura shares some awesome tips on how to avoid injury while running.


9.  Breastfeeding in Public and World Breastfeeding Week 2012 from Bex Life – Bex shares what breastfeeding means to her and why breastfeeding in public is no biggie.  I whole-heartedly agree.


10.  I Can Bring a Friend to Yoga, But I’ll Never be a Yogi from Tri-ing to the Athletic – another seriously funny post.  I LOL’d.  Literally.


There you have it!  Another great week of posts.  I am SURE there are many that I missed so if there is one you particularly liked PLEASE share in the comments so I can enjoy it too :)