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5 Favorite Fitness Apps for iPhone

Things are pretty crazy here in Arizona.  My mom’s house is full to the brim of family.  My aunt, cousin, and cousins 3 children are all here from Minnesota, plus Emmie and I, and to top it off my mom and step-dad.  It’s been tons of fun catching up and hanging out … even if it’s slightly chaotic 😉  I thought I would do a short and sweet post for you guys today.  I get a lot of questions about what my favorite fitness apps are and today is the perfect day to share them with you.  I have an iPhone and it is seriously one of my FAVORITE fitness tools because it comes with so many awesome apps :)


1.  Electric Miles

Electric Miles


Electric Miles is awesome because it is the App version of Daily Mile.  You’ll notice the widget in my side-bar for my Daily Mile and you can connect with me HERE.  Daily Mile is my favorite way to track my fitness (it does more than just running!) and having the app on my iPhone makes it easier for me to remember :)


2.  Nike Training Club


Nike Training Club


Nike Training Club is one of the best Apps for at-home fitness.  Both Chris and I use this when we need to squeeze in a workout and we agree that it totally kicks our booties!  There are different levels based on ability and workouts that range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.  All of the workouts require minimal to no equipment.  LOVE.


3.  WOD




Since I don’t belong to a CrossFit box right now (too much $$) this WOD App is AWESOME.  It provides all the girls, hero, and other workouts at my fingertips.  You can also track your PRs in it too.



4. Bit Timer App

Bit Timer App


Bit Timer App is fantastic for intervals or tabatas.  It is SO easy to use and counts down for you.  You simple set timer for working, rest, and the number of intervals.  Seriously the easiest thing ever.


5.  Gym Pact

Gym Pact


Gym Pact is great because it gives you incentive to workout.  You pledge that you’ll PAY x amount of dollars if you don’t work out x amount of days.  When you go to the gym you “Check In” on the app to show you’re working out.  If you meet your pact for the week you EARN money and don’t pay.  I’ve made $20 working out.  Baller.

There you have it! My favorite fitness apps (for right now)!


What are you favorite fitness apps?

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  1. GREAT list, girl!

    I downloaded the Bit Timer App for Tina’s bootcamp and absolutely love it. :) I had gym pact for awhile too, but now I just work out at home. Bummer I can’t earn $$ for that! lol
    Emily recently posted..Fighting FearMy Profile

  2. I also recommend, one more App “ProFitness Trainer”, it is one-stop shop to Fitness, it contains everything you need. You can look at website for more info. Not only that, but also you can make your own system and send it to your friends. It is highly recommended for everyone. I like it.

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