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Do You Namaste?

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First, I want to thank all of you for your prayers, thoughts, and positive thoughts.  My dad is recovering well and should be going home today.  Fingers crossed!


It’s times like these where I need some ZEN.  Luckily yoga does that for me.  I have been practicing yoga off and on for the last 7 years … and by practicing I mean just that.  I need A LOT of practice haha.  I recently found a yoga studio here in Richmond Hill that I really enjoy.  If you’re local, I highly recommend checking out Awakening Yoga.  It’s small, cozy, and awesome.  I have had two of the instructors so far and thoroughly enjoyed my classes.


Whenever you are participating in any form of exercise, the tools of the trade become important.  Yoga is wonderful because all it takes is your body and a mat.  When the folks at Aurorae Yoga offered to send me one of their mats to review I jumped all over it.

Aurorae Yoga Mat 2


The Aurorae Yoga classic yoga mat is pretty awesome.  It’s extra long and extra thick measuring at  72”
24” with 1/4″ thickness.  The extra long is something I seriously love since my legs are LONG.  I am impressed that I can stay completely on the mat :)  In order to fully review the mat I have been using it the last couple of weeks for my practice.


Aurorae Yoga Mat 1


The verdict?  Pretty good!  Like I said, I was able to stay completely on the mat.  The extra thickness kept my knees happy in camel pose.  The only thing is that I sweat profusely in my “warm summer flow” class so I was slipping and sliding all over the place.  As soon as I put my yoga towel down though I was good to go.  The slip-and-slide problem is reoccurring with me with every mat so I am pretty sure I can blame my overactive sweat glands 😉  AND some #PROOF that I actually use it …


Aurorae #Yoga Mat


Anyone notice the pose I am doing in the second one down on the right?!  That’s right … crow.  The pose that has alluded me for years is now my beyotch.  😉  You can also check out Aurorae Yoga on Facebook and Twitter to see their other awesome products!


To make it even better?  Aurorae Yoga is giving away a yoga mat to one lucky Food, Fitness, and Family reader!  How can you enter?


Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite yoga pose is.


For an EXTRA entry, click to tweet this message:  WIN an @AuroraeYoga mat from @FoodFitandFam #yoga #FitFluential #FitGear and leave a comment that you did.


For an additional entry, go to my Instagram (@FoodFitandFam) and find my mat photo and comment you want to win.  Come back here and leave another comment saying you did!

Giveaway ends August 23, 2012 at 5:00PM EST.  The giveaway is open to US residents only.  I will choose a winner using Random.Org.

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98 thoughts on “Do You Namaste?”

  1. Agh so glad you finally got crow!! I know it was one of your goals and I’m so proud that you reached accomplished your goal. Great feeling right?

    And my favorite pose would have to be any sort of inversion. I love being upside down. Or side crow. Or all of them hah. I just really love yoga and this mat would also be perfect for my long legs! :)
    Maria @ a life to Bragg about recently posted..Sayonara breastfeeding! And hello there big boy!My Profile

  2. It’s hard to peg down a single favorite posture. It so much depends on what my day has been like or what i have been working on in my practice. What i love the most is this fake posture/state of mind that i call ‘megustasana’ (like as in me gusta + asana). And that’s when it all comes together–deep concentration, strong circular ujai breathing, an instructor that gives you the freedom to be ahead or behind the sequence or make your own variations, and knows exactly what adjustments you want without your saying.

    When all that is present, then it’s like you are in the zone where your postures are so aligned to your breathing it is crazy awesome. It’s the place where you make breakthroughs in your practice, get somewhere new in your challenges. And that’s why in class, i’m always thinking ‘come on, give me the megustasana.’

  3. I was just thinking about getting a new yoga mat and trying to find some classes near me…I like the last photo…I have never been flexible so if I can get to that pose, I would feel pretty good;) I am glad your dad is recovering. I know how hard it is to be that far away at times like that. Sending hugs!
    Rachel recently posted..How To: Make a Pie CrustMy Profile

  4. Yoga is a new goal of mine. I have only done it a few times and feel like I am horrible at it. I could use a jump start. You are rocking those posses

  5. So jealous you finally conquered crow! That pose is definitely challenging. I need to work on my upper arm strength so I can balance. My favorite pose is pigeon even though it puts my knee cap in an awkward position…nothing a towel can’t help!

  6. I love yoga! I have been doing it in the park downtown and love every bit of it. My favorite pose is side crane pose and i am still trying to master it.
    Amanda recently posted..Weekend FunMy Profile

  7. My favorite pose is Tree Pose! As a beginner, this one is a challenge for me. Thanks so much for the chance!

  8. Sending some prayers your way! Hope your dad is okay.

    My favorite pose would be the pigeon! My hips are constantly tight, so it hurts my back. Pigeon pose helps a lot!

  9. I would say my favorite pose is crow- it took me a while to learn to hold it for a longer period, but was so proud once I got it!

    I have never gotten into headstand, but haven’t tried much. Am going to conquer it after baby!

  10. I’m a runner, so I love pigeon pose because it stretches out my legs, especially my IT bands in AMAZING ways!

  11. My favorite yoga position is child’s pose -because it usually means I’m either resting or done with a great workout! :)

  12. Yoga was so fun on Saturday! Excited to make it my new Saturday morning ritual. Nice Crow!! Not my favorite pose, but my ultimate goal pose is the peacock…or forearm stand, that we tried in class on Saturday.

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