It’s Wednesday!  Thank GOODNESS.  Chris has a 4-day weekend this weekend so today is pretty much our Friday … it’s ok to be jealous 😉  Emmie and I had kind of a rough day yesterday.  She was super cranky and clingy.  It didn’t help that Chris got home well after 8PM.  She’s such a happy and easy-going baby that it makes me wonder if she is going through a developmental milestone or getting more teeth … time will tell!


I do want to take a minute and thank all of you for your kind words on yesterday’s post.  It seriously made me smile from ear to ear!  You sure know how to flatter a girl 😉


Any-who … I am super excited to be linking up for “What I Ate Wednesday” for the first time in a few weeks!  I love this fabulous link-up and thank Jenn of Peas and Crayons for hosting such a fun mid-week party :)




Breakfast Tacos


A breakfast taco with scrambled eggs, spinach, black beans, and nutritional yeast.  Blueberries, strawberries, and kiwi on the side.



Best Body Bootcamp Circuit Intervals


Did Workout A for Phase 2 of Best Body Bootcamp.  It involved circuit intervals so it looked something like this:

10 min Warm-Up –> Set #1 –> 10 min cardio –> Set #2 –> 10 min cardio –> Set #3 –> Cool Down



Salad Beast

A serious salad beast for the win.  Romaine, spinach, kale, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, avocado, chicken, green beans, and balsamic vinaigrette.




Laughing Cow + Triscuits

Skinny Iced Grande Chai Tea Latter


Lasagna Rolls


Lasagna rolls and spinach salad.


That is pretty much all I can muster for a post.  I am exhausted.  Dealing with a fussy baby AND having to get things done makes for a tiring day!  Enjoy your Wednesday friends :)

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17 thoughts on “WIAW”

  1. Your Salad sounds and looks amazing! Lasagna roll ups also look delish!! Thanks for sharing! Gives me some inspiration! Have a great day! Hope the babe is feeling better! SPALove!

  2. Sorry you had a rough day! I totally feel you on that. We were in the same boat yesterday :-( My little guy is super clingy and cranky when he’s teething. Makes for a long day for sure! Hope today is a better day!
    Giselle@ahealthyhappyhome recently posted..Teething fun!My Profile

  3. I’m so sorry about the rough days hunnie. Hopefully today will be a better day :) Enjoy your “Friday” and the rest of the weekend girl. Maybe even treat yourself to something for being such a wonderful mommy!!
    Jessie recently posted..Holy Nut ButtersMy Profile

  4. WEird. Maybe something in the universe. When I got home from work my little one wouldn’t be put down for an instant without throwing a fit. She is usually very laid back, but I think I held her untl she went to bed…tiring…and I only did it a few hours after work 😉

  5. Just found your blog & your food diary looks a lot like mine PLUS any pic of Starbucks means we’ll totally be friends :) Now I’m going to go and catch up on all the rest!
    Christina recently posted..Olympics CrazeMy Profile

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