6 Week Half Marathon Plan

6 Week Half Marathon Plan

It’s hard to believe that the Savannah Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon is coming up SO fast!  Here is what my training plan looks like for the rest of the time:


6 Week Half Marathon Plan


This is my tentative plan … keeping running 3-4 times per week MINIMUM.  Add in yoga 1-2 times a week plus strength and cross-training.  Some of the yoga days will be active rest with an easy flow class or a complete rest day depending on how my body is feeling.  Rest days are so important and they will definitely be in there.


I am really excited about how my training is going.  I did the 8-miler on Sunday at 10:33/mile which is well above my goal pace, however, I am not discouraged.  I am already SO much further ahead in this training than when I was for the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon at the same point in my training.  I have some big PR dreams and I truly think following this plan is going to help me reach them!


Here we go!


How do you train for your races?

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  1. I have a running coach who makes plans for me but they are usually long ones (8+ weeks) so that I can baby step it and add in mileage – I like to run the race distance pre-race, but that’s just me! 😉 You can do it! SPA <3
    Kat recently posted..Always training, somehowMy Profile

  2. Looks like a solid plan, Madeline! I prefer 3-4 days of running with cross training, too. We have a ten mile race around the same weekend! Yay for feeling confident about a new half pr- go get it! :)
    Laura recently posted..A therapeutic runMy Profile

  3. I’ve got a half marathon in 12 weeks and I’ve just been told by my doctor that I can’t run for 6 weeks (non-running related), so I think I’ll be needing this in a bit!! This looks like the kind of plan I could go for – I like the combination of yoga in there too.

  4. This is great start for me
    My first half and its in 6 weeks
    I have only done a 5k and triathlon

    Yikes. Help

  5. This is great! I just signed up for my second half which is in 6 weeks and I plan to use your program. I’m an independent beachbody coach and my husband and I are currently doing P90X3 so I’m hoping that training will help me prepare as well. I was wondering what HMP stood for? Thanks for the great program!

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