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Tips for Healthy Eating While Out

Happy Monday friends!  I promised you yesterday that I would be having some of my favorite people hanging out on my blog this week and today is NO DOUBT a fulfillment of that promise.  I met Victoria when we did the Dirty Girl Mud Run: Atlanta with FitFluential and she has quickly become an awesome real life friend.  She is also the one I call whenever I need something new to do in Savannah because she’s the expert!  Victoria is also one my favorite beach buddies :)

What #FitFluential looks like


Hey guys! I am Victoria from Victoria Runs and I am excited to help out Maddie, although I wish it were under better circumstances {xoxo}.

Since I don’t blog and run full-time, although that does sound ah-mazing 😉 There are times when I have the pleasure of taking clients out to dinners at different fine dining establishments. I love trying new places in Savannah, Atlanta or other places in the Southeast. That being said, sometimes this can leave the door wide open to over indulgence.

Let’s check some tips that have helped me navigate the art of “wining and dining”.

1. When planning your client appointment, select a restaurant that you either know the menu or can take a look at online. Pre-select your entrée so you know that you have a solid choice with some leeway for the other courses.


2. If you are the point person for the dinner, take the lead on ordering the appetizers. I usually order a few for our table. I make sure one is a healthier option with the others being the house specialty with some local flare. That way I know I can have a bite or two of a few options, without looking like a party pooper… because seriously, who wants a freakin’ party pooper.


3. Speaking of party pooper–drinks! Some clients like to indulge, others don’t. I always offer to the client, first the option to select their drink or ask the table if we should get a bottle to split. If no one is having a glass, I don’t drink (calorie savings). If they are, I have a glass that I milk the whole dinner. If you want to go even further with the savings, you can make it a wine spritzer.


4. Did someone say dessert? Umm, heck yes! Same tip with the appetizer. I order a few for the table, if everyone is ok with sharing or splitting them at the table, then have a bite of each. If your group is not, order fresh berries with crème if you want something.


5. The biggest point of dining with clients is to never make them feel uneasy.  If you are a fast eater, like me, slow down. Don’t let the server clear your plate if they are still eating. Normal manners people J
Also, don’t feel uneasy if you need to make a dietary correction to a meal. But while dining with clients, I do try to be as low maintenance as possible in front of them. But the day before a big race, I do call ahead if I have a client lunch/dinner, and ask if they can accommodate my normal pre-race food. Usually it’s not a big deal. Then I have a topic to talk about if meeting the client for the first time J

What do you do when you eat out with clients?

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  1. Great tips! I’ve had a bunch of work dinners lately, which have made it hard to stay on track. So these tips will definitely help me out. Unfortunately, I don’t get to pick the restaurant.
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  2. Great tips. I try to be low-maintenance at client dinners too. Since my family doesn’t like fish I often order fish when we go out. That usually works well, but once I ordered skate and did not like it all, so I tried to quietly not eat it, but the server and then the manager kept fussing over me! Argh! And I hate it when servers clear one person’s plate. Who is (or isn’t) training these people??
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