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WHEW … this weekend is FLYING by!  I have been running around getting things for Emmalyne’s birthday party, cleaning, doing laundry, and so much more.  Today we are having friends over to watch some football.  Since my beloved Packers WON on Thursday the pressure is off today and Chris and I can just enjoy it 😉  Sunday is more than just football though … it’s the perfect time to catch up on the great



1.  10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Running from This Runners Trials – Jen shares some awesome things she wish she knew when she started on her journey as a runner.  I agree with so many of these … especially #s 1 and 9.


2.  Exercise Spotlight: The Curtsy Lunge from Wish and Whimsy – I LOVE curtsy lunges … they totally work the booty.  Katie knows where it’s at 😉


3.  What I’m Loving from Happy Fit Mama – While I love everything that Angela is loving, the thing I love most is the butt kicker workout she shares.  Looks awesome!


 4.  Dear Hailey from A Healthy Slice of Life – I can’t believe that little Hailey is 1 year old!!  I had the pleasure of meeting Brittany and Hailey and seriously love them both.  H is only a few weeks older than Emmie so it has been fun to “watch” our girls grow up together.  Happy birthday sweet girl!


5.  Apple Cider Vinegar: How Should I do This? from Sweet Tooth Court – Courtney is wanting to try apple cider vinegar but is having a hard time with the taste.  Any ideas you have for her?  I am planning on starting ACV after my sister talked about it when I was home.


6.  No Excuses – Motivation from Your Inner Skinny – Scott shares an awesome and inspirational video on his YouTube channel.  He rocks and wants you to chase your dreams.


7.  The Importance of Skin Cancer Screens from The Lean Green Bean – Skin cancer is no joke and Lindsay reminds us why regular screenings are so important.  I lifeguarded for 7 years so I take this issue VERY seriously.  Get your skin checked … seriously.


8.   Running Shoe Woes from Running With Sass – Heather is having a hard time finding the perfect running shoe for her.  What’s your favorite and why?  I fell in love with my Brooks Adrenalines and haven’t tried anything else since.


9.  5 Ways to Inspire Your Love to Exercise with You from Nutritionella – I am lucky that Chris LOVES to workout.  I always say that the couple that sweats together stays together.  Elle shares some awesome tips though if you are trying to get your significant other to work out with you!


10.  The Difference Between Female Competition Catergories from Miss Fit Brit – Brittany breaks down the competition categories for you which is AWESOME.  While I don’t plan on competing, her post makes me understand the sport better :)


BONUS: I wrote The Top 5 Secrets to Eating Healthy as a Stay-at-Home Mom for Fit Pregnancy and Parenting.  Check it out!  Would love to hear your secrets :)


I hope you all have a relaxing, fun, and awesome Sunday!  See you tomorrow :)


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