I can’t believe it’s Wednesday … where is this week going?!  Chris has been working late this week so it’s been the Madeline and Emmalyne show.  Needless to say I am pretty excited for the weekend and some quality family time.  On that note: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


Since it’s Wednesday, it’s time for another link up with the wonderful Jenn of Peas and Crayons for “What I Ate Wednesday“!

#WIAW Breakfast

Coffee = Fuel for the day

Scrambled eggs with spinach, strawberries, and whole wheat toast with jam.  Coffee on the side with pumpkin spice creamer.  Perfect breakfast for a seriously cold morning!


WIAW Lunch

Salad beast with romaine, spinach, avocado, cheese, tomato, peppers, Applegate chicken nuggets, and balsamic vinaigrette.


Honeycrisp apple

One snack was a honeycrisp apple.  I also had some Popchips and ended the day with a fun size peanut M&Ms. 😉


white bean chicken chili

White bean chicken chili with a dollop of Greek yogurt and a little shredded cheese.  Homemade corn bread on the side!  Warm and hearty 😉

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What is your favorite meal on a crisp fall day?


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Fall Fashion + Perribella Giveaway

I love Pinterest for SO many reasons.  I particularly love being able to search for fall fashion inspiration and instantly have so many looks to choose from.  It is finally feeling like fall here in Savannah and I am excited to break out the sweaters and boots soon!  Here are some of my favorite fall looks that I found on Pinterest.










Beyond the clothes, accessories can make or break the outfit.  When Ashley offered to send me some bracelets to try out from her Etsy shop Perribella Arm Candy I immediately shouted yes!  She sent me the bright pastel mint green braided rhinestone charm bracelet and the white silk cord and gold chain bracelet.


Perribella Arm Candy Bracelets


I love them together or separate.  I have gotten several complements on them because they are so simple, lady-like, and cute!  In her shop now there are so many bracelets with fall colors.  They are the perfect way to pull off a stacked bracelet look without going over-board.  I am having a hard time holding back from ordering more!  Lucky for you, Ashley and Perribella Arm Candy is willing to give away two bracelets to one lucky Food, Fitness, and Family reader!



a Rafflecopter giveaway


Giveaway: Giveaway opens Tuesday, October 30 and will end Friday, November 2. Winner will be announced on the blog Saturday, November 3!



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Refreshed Weekender

Happy Monday!  I am feeling refreshed after an awesome weekend with my family.  After feeling really burned out last week, I am super excited that this is race week!



Friday night was Chris’ battalion fall festival with games, trunk-or-treating, a haunted house, costume costume, food, and a movie under the stars.  I ended up helping out with the food while Chris and Em hung out.  I am kind of a bah-humbug mom and decided not to spend money on a Halloween costume for Emmalyne and instead just put some cat ears on her.  Chris tried to take it further with some whiskers.  Pretty good right? 😉


Emmie the Cat

At least he tried 😉  We had a great time hanging out with our friends and getting to know the other families in our unit.


I got up bright and early for my last long run before the Savannah Rock-N-Roll.  Leslie Ann and Heather met me at my house and we did an easy 7 miles around my neighborhood.  I did it in exactly 1:10 for 10 minute mile.  My breathing felt good but my legs were tired.  On top of it my foot and and ankle were pretty sore and bruised after.  BOO.  I put this photo on Instagram:

Injured Ankle

Thanks for all your comments of concern.  I am feeling much better today.  I have a genetic malformation in my ankle that stress fractures with overuse.  I don’t think I did that this time but I iced it and elevated Saturday just to be sure.


My mom, step-dad, step-sister, and brother-in-law all came into town.  My mom and step-dad go to one city with their friends a year to explore the US.  This year Savannah was the winner so they spent their whole weekend touring.  They fly home to Phoenix today but spent yesterday and last night with us.  Kelsey and Jason are getting ready to PCS to North Carolina and were up there house hunting.  Savannah was on their way home so they stopped in too.  We had a great afternoon playing outside with Emmalyne.

Then we went to Fish Tails for dinner.  It was an absolutely beautiful evening on the water.  The food was pretty darn good too 😉  We had coconut shrimp, fried banana peppers, and fish tacos for dinner.  We also hit up frozen yogurt after!

Sunset on the Pier

Tasty Dinner

For me healthy living is all about balance.  I am happy to indulge in some yummy appetizers and fro-yo.  Life is too short to cut things out completely!

Fro-Yo for the win

Overall this weekend was exactly what I needed.  I avoided most social media, stayed off my computer, and relaxed with my family.   Seeing my mom and getting my back scratched helped a lot too haha.  I am ready to tackle another week and feel much more energized.


How was your weekend?  If you’re in the North East stay safe!  Thinking about you!


Dealing with Burn Out

I can’t believe today is Friday.  This week went by so fast because it was so busy.  I came back from DC to meetings, hosting a spouse event, tons of volunteer work, homework, and so much more.  On top that this is my second to last week of training before the Rock-N-Roll Savannah.  I have to be honest with you guys … I am so freaking excited that this weekend is my last long run before the race.  I am ready to sleep in on the weekends, or sleep at least until 7AM when Emmie wakes up 😉 These last couple of days I have lacked motivation to get out and do much.  I have officially reached burn out.  I think it’s reflected in my workouts this week as shown in Fitness Friday:





Post ATM

Sunday was the Army Ten Miler.  I had such a runner’s high after the race.  It’s kind of amazing how quickly it faded.






800m Repeats

I fit in some speed work with 4x800m repeats on the treadmill for a total of 4 miles.  After, I did Julie’s Spooky Circuit Workout.  I definitely was a hot sweaty mess!



3 mile run


Thursday I had zero motivation to go to the gym.  It was that burnout feeling at its finest.  I didn’t go to the gym and had pretty much decided that I wasn’t going to workout.  Chris ended up getting home from work earlier than normal so I sucked it up, put my shoes on, and headed out.  I did an easy 3 miles and felt great.  I ended up with negative splits: 9:21, 9:06, and 8:35.  While I was glad I got the run in I still felt off.


SO, how do I go into my last week of training when I feel burned out?  Come up with a plan.


Tips for Dealing With Burn Out

1.  Take time to relax.  I am going to get back to the nightly yoga I was doing before leaving for DC.  It helped my brain and body relax before going to bed.

2.  Go to bed earlier.  Chris and I have been getting to bed at 11PM which is too late for me.  10PM it is.

3.  Take the weekend off from blogging.  Have you noticed that I haven’t been on Twitter as much this week?  My burned out feeling extended to the blog.  As of right now I have no plans on showing up on here until Monday.  Now if that changes that’s ok but I am not going to feel pressured to blog.

4.  Eat better.  Traveling got my eating way off.  Like WAY off.  Got to get this back in check yo.

5.  Enjoy my family.  My mom and step-dad are in town and my step-sister and her husband will be here Sunday.  Chris and I have a fall festival tomorrow night and Heather and I have organizing and running plans this weekend.  I am going to soak up the good feelings being around family and friends gives me.


Hopefully I can come back on Monday feeling refreshed and ready to go!


How do you deal with burn out?  What causes you to burn out the fastest?  For me it’s that I always put a lot on my plate and go go go go go until I hit a wall.  BOO.


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Building an Army Family

Being an Army wife comes with a set of pros and cons.  One of the hardest parts of being a military spouse (to me) is being uprooted from your home and transplanted somewhere away from your family.  Since marrying Chris in 2009 I have moved from my home of Arizona to Texas, Missouri, and Georgia … progressively getting further and further away from some of the most important people in my life.  On the other hand, one of the greatest blessings of being a military spouse is having the opportunity to build an Army family.


Army Friends Are Chosen Family


Moving is an inherent part of military life and the ability to make friends quickly becomes an important character trait that many mil spouses develop.  Creating a new support system, a new network, wherever you PCS is imperative for survival.  The friends you make quickly become your people.  The people you call on rough days, the shoulders you cry on when your husband deploys, the friends who are always up for a movie, coffee, or lunch date.  They become your family away from family … but they are family you get to choose.  It’s a win-win situation 😉


Over the last 5 years Chris and I have been blessed in that we have developed friendships that will last a lifetime.  At Fort Hood we were incredibly lucky to have a core group of friends where all the husbands and wives got along and liked each other.  Amanda, Rachel, Melanie, Elizabeth, Moriah, Laura, Jill, Tara, and Erin were (and are) my people.  We all saw our husbands come and go to war, welcomed new babies, and cried as we loaded up UHAULs.  We are now scattered in Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, Missouri, North Carolina, and Virginia but they will always be my people.


The only good part about all of us being separated now?  We get to visit.  We saw Amanda and her sweet family on our drive back to Arizona for Christmas.  This past weekend we stayed with Jill in Virginia and hung out with Tara.  Erin is coming down in a couple of weeks.  We have seen both Rachel and Melanie on their travels thru Savannah.  It’s pretty awesome being able to go somewhere on vacation and have a friend in the area.


Here in Georgia I have already developed my support network.  Heather and Leslie Ann are quickly becoming part of our Army family and I am so grateful to have these amazing women in my life.  Whether it be for our weekly long runs, weekly lunch dates, or emergency ice cream deliveries on particularly bad days I know they have my back and I have theres.  One day not too far down the road we too will separate but they will always be part of my Army family.


My point in this is that although there are some inherent trials and tribulations with the military lifestyle, there are also incredible opportunities.  The opportunity to experience living in various places and the true blessing of getting to meet some extraordinary people is something are some of them.  I know that no matter where we go, what we do, Chris, Emmalyne, and I will always have our Army family.  No one can actually replace my true family but these awesome people sure do come close.


My Army Family

My Army Family


Are you a part of a community of friends that feels more like family?

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