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Happy Sunday friends!  I am so thoroughly enjoying this weekend with Emmalyne and Chris.  Chris worked late almost every night last week and would get home after Emmie had gone to bed.  He saw her maybe an hour total Tuesday-Friday, so we have been making the most of this weekend to catch up on some much needed family time.  There’s been some food, fitness, and family involved 😉  I skipped last week’s weekly top ten for Emmie’s birthday so I am excited to be back at it this week sharing my favorite posts from the blogosphere from last week!




1.  Intensity in Fitness Training from Fitness Perks – Annette shares some awesome tips for upping the intensity of your workouts to bust through those dreaded plateaus.


2.  Healthy Tailgating from Run Pretty – I think Presley is one of the cutest ladies in the blogosphere and her fun take on healthy tailgating is proof enough.


3.  5 Inexpensive Kitchen Item Must Haves from Lift Love Life – My girl Maria shares 5 easy and cheap gadgets to add to your kitchen.  I have most of these myself and totally agree with her.


4.  5 Tips for a Healthier Happy Hour from Bite Size Wellness – Heck yes Talia!  The title says it all 😉


5.  Tips for Flawless Avocado Wrapped Sushi Rolls from Peas and Crayons – Jenn never ceases to amaze me with her culinary genius and sharp wit.  These sushi rolls look heavenly.


6.  My Current Battle: Avoiding the Scale and Weighing In from Dawnies Life – Love Dawnie’s honest post about her battle with the scale.  I think it’s one that many of us can relate to!


7.  7 Tips for Better Comments Etiquette from Chef Katelyn – Love Katelyn’s tips for becoming a better blog commenter.  I will definitely be keeping them in mind in the future!


8.  Bread is Not Scare WIAW from Your Trainer Paige – Bread lovers unite Paige.  Bread lovers unite.


9.  MizFit Workout Skirts from MizFit – this post is from the other week but since I skipped my top 10 last week it deserves to be here.  Carla has designed some amazing MizFit workout skirts.  The best part is that they profits go to the Mayan Families charity.


10.  DIY Baby Booties from Writing Chapter Three – Ashley made the most incredible baby booties for Ada.  Like seriously.  I die.


**Congratulations to new mama Katy!!  She welcomed her sweet baby girl yesterday!  She’s beautiful and you can see her HERE.


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!  The weekend is so fleeting :)


What was your favorite post from last week?



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  1. I love this – Im sitting here all comfy catching up on my weekly posts. Thanks.I think my fave was the post about the scale b/c I struggle with my relationship with it. Therefore, I use measurements and how my clothes feel as a better indication of how Im doing. :)

  2. No more birthdays for Emmie! She’s growing up so fast!! :) Love you guys mucho and hope you have a fabulous Sunday! Thanks for the link loving dahling!

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