Favorite Toys for a One Year Old

Emmalyne is quite the toy expert.  Ever since she turned one she has developed a keen sense of what her favorite things to do and play with are.  Emmie is quite opinionated and will let me know what’s up.  This is a small sampling of her favorite toys for a one year old.


Toys for a One Year Old


Nuby Snack Keeper – Em has decided she is obsessed with Cheerios.  Her snack keeper lets her carry them with her for easy snackage on the move.  While it’s not completely spill-proof, it still keeps the majority of the “o’s” contained.


LeapFrog Chat & Count Cell Phone – My mom bought this for Emmie a few months ago and she was ambivalent towards it.  Now, she is all about it.  The “cell phone” has a screen where Scout shows up, plays music, and beeps.  She even holds it to her ear.  Monkey see, monkey do = mom has been on her phone too much.


Aden + Anais Swaddles – these are Emmie’s lovies.  She stuffs it in her mouth as comfort and to go to sleep.  I only let her have it in her crib or in the car.  When she is ready to get up in the morning she leaves her lovey behind :)


LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket – Em’s new favorite thing to do is put things into a container and carry it around.  She got this as a birthday gift and lugs it throughout the house.


 Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube – Emmalyne constantly puts the shapes in and then takes them out.  She will share them with us and then take them back.  She hasn’t figured out the shape part of it yet but with the top off she’s unstoppable.


Melissa & Doug Puzzles – Again, she hasn’t figured out how to put them back together but she is working on it and loves trying!


Tiny Toms – Em is all about being outdoors which means she needed some awesome kicks.  When she’s not sporting her Toms she’s in her Nike Frees.  She loves the velcro on the shoes too and plays with it.


What toys are your favorite for one year olds?



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