Munchkin Meals: Challenges

It’s been awhile since I linked up with Brittany’s Munchkin Meals.  Mainly because I just forget about taking pictures until it’s too late.  Now I know it is going to be the 1st Thursday every month so I can (hopefully) plan better 😉


This month is all about the challenges we face feeding our kiddos.  I consider myself super lucky up until this point, and am knocking on wood, because Emmie hasn’t really rejected any foods.  She is a great eater and is happiest with food in front of her.


Emmalyne Breakfast

While Emmalyne makes it pretty easy and eats the balanced meals I put in front of her, one of the biggest challenges I have faced is the issue of snacks.  You see,  Emmie is a Cheerio fiend.  As in heaven help you if you try to take away her Cheerio cup.  She has a vice grip on it and you literally have to peel her tiny cute fingers off the handle.  Chaos ensues and my her tears are shed.

The Snack Cup of Life

So, here are some of the snacks I have been trying to incorporate more into her diet:

  • Cheerios (duh)
  • Mandarin oranges (baby drugs)
  • Apple slices
  • Banana and peanut butter sandwiches
  • Cheese sticks
  • Pretzels
  • Mum Mums
  • Annie’s Organic Bunnies


AND that’s where I draw a blank.  SO, what are YOUR favorite snacks for your toddler?  Emmalyne has 2 top teeth and 4 bottom teeth. No molars.  Help this mama out and don’t forget to link up with Munchkin Meals :)