Dealing with a Feverish Toddler

Yesterday Emmalyne was off. She was whiny and cranky which are two characteristics that don’t normally apply to her. My mom-tuition started going and I was nervous.

Sure enough, by the time Chris got home Emmalyne had spiked a 103 degree fever. Out came the Tylonel and we prepped for a sleepless night. Poor thing was up whimpering most of the night and little sleep was to be had.

This morning Em’s fever is a little lower but she hasn’t gotten off the couch. For a busy, on the move girl, spending time laying on mama is the opposite of normal.


Look at that face :(

So, today we are doing the following:

Drinking lots of fluids
Not getting out of our jammies
Regularly taking her temperature

Nothing makes my heart hurt more than having a sad and sick baby :(

Wish us luck.

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10 thoughts on “Dealing with a Feverish Toddler”

  1. Oh no :( poor emmie! Sick babies are the worst, I hope she gets better soon and you enjoy those cuddles!

  2. Oh no! I hope she feels better soon. It’s so sad seeing them not feeling well. My daughter had a low grade fever yesterday but today she is doing better.

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