Giant Treadmill Hill

Giant Treadmill Hill Workout

I hope you guys had a great weekend!  We were pretty low key and spent most of it letting Emmalyne recover from whatever bug she had last week.  It is no fun dealing with a sick baby :(  Luckily I am happy to report that she seems to be doing MUCH better.  Her fever broke Friday night, she slept a lot Saturday, and was a tad cranky yesterday but definitely on the mend.  Thank you for all your kind words and well wishes.  We felt them!


Any-who, since moving to Savannah in April my running has changed.  How you ask?  In Missouri I was constantly running hills.  Anyone who has lived by the Lake of the Ozarks or Fort Leonard Wood can attest that there are rolling hills everywhere.  No matter where I ran there would be TONS of hills.  Here in Savannah?  Nary a hill to be seen.  While I totally love the flat terrain and the speed I feel when I run, I also know that not everywhere is this amazing.  Case and point?  The Augusta Half Marathon elevation chart:


Augusta Half Marathon Elevation Chart


Do you see what happens between miles 4-5?!?!  Thats a mile long uphill … aka death to Madeline’s legs.  Since the Augusta Half is my next big race I have taken matters into my own hands for training.  While I would love to be able to go run the Savannah Bridge every weekend, I just can’t.  Therefore, I have to make my own hills using the treadmill.  This is the workout I have been doing:


Giant Treadmill Hill


So far this is working for me.  I am honestly pretty winded at the end of the uphill portion.  Since I just started using it I am hoping that I get used to it ASAP.  Either way I know it’ll be good practice before conquering that monster (to me) hill in the race.


How do you train for hilly races?  Any good workouts you suggest?



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  1. I love this hill workout! I am always looking for workouts more like this one, as I love hills (crazy I know!) The workouts that strictly focus on speed just don’t do it for me :) Thanks for posting, I will be trying this out for my workout this afternoon!
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