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Pace Out Tank Giveaway

*This giveaway is now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Before getting to the super awesome giveaway I have for you guys today, I have a couple PSA announcements.  As you know, today is November 6 which means it’s Election Day.  Regardless of your political preference (we don’t talk politics here) it is important to exercise your right to vote.  Is one of the most fundamental parts of being an American.  This year particularly every single vote matters.  DO IT.


Second, one of my fellow FitFluential Ambassadors, Jen, lost everything in hurricane Sandy.  She and her husband have two small children.  Ashley set up an awesome Target registry for them to help start the rebuilding process.  If you are wanting to help in Sandy’s aftermath and don’t know where to start, start with this family.  Find the details HERE.


On to the giveaway …. Have you noticed my awesome tank top that has popped up on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram?  The sweet pink one with PACEout on the front?  The owner of Pace Out, Tara, gave me one of her tanks to try out last month and I have to tell you I LOVE it.


PACEout Tank


This tank top is SO comfortable.  It is made from a bamboo/cotton/spandex blend that is designed to wick moisture.  It definitely does that.  No matter how sweaty I am during a workout, this tank wicks it up and I never feel water logged.  Additionally, it is so soft that I want to cuddle up in it and take a nap.  I could probably live in this tank top and feel fine.  At this point I have put it through the wringer having worn it for yoga, the Army Ten Miler, and the Rock-N-Roll Savannah Half.  It didn’t let me down once.


PACEout Tank Back


Beyond that awesomeness of the tank itself is the company.  Since they are local to Savannah (Richmond Hill), I had the pleasure of meeting with the owner Tara over chai lattes.  The Pace Out philosophy is simple:  pick your pace.  stick to it.  you’ll finish.  Set a goal and GO GET IT.  Be proud of YOUR pace and know that with dedication you’ll achieve your goals.  Tara is a bundle of energy with amazing ideas for this upstart company.  They are getting quite the following here in RH and I seriously hope they do nationwide.  It’s not every day that you find brands that you LOVE their products and their brand philosophy equally.  You can see more about Pace Out and learn about the motivators of the week on their Facebook page.


Have I mentioned yet how awesome Tara and Pace Out is?  Well they are about to get awesome-er.  Tara is giving away a bamboo racerback Pace Out tank like the one I got to one lucky Food, Fitness, and Family reader.  You can enter through the RaffleCopter widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada.  It will start November 6 and go to November 13.  Winner will be announced Monday, November 14 on the blog.  Winner has 3 days to claim their prize before a new winner is chosen.


Good luck!



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62 thoughts on “Pace Out Tank Giveaway”

  1. I apply PaceOut’s philosophy because as a recovering cancer patient I know that overdoing my workouts will negatively affect my progress! However, it’s also a philosophy that motivates and inspires me to finish and accomplish my goals — at MY own pace!

  2. I was sold at Bamboo!
    I love that PaceOut is about individual best- that really stood out to me. I try and not compare myself, but it is hard!

  3. I apply this philosophy to my life everyday. As a 24-year-old semi-recent grad, I am still figuring out my career path in life. A lot of my friends are already somewhat established in their careers, but I have to remind myself that I need to go at my own pace, and not worry about anyone else’s!

  4. Love that site! I love weightlifting but struggle with running. I always have to remind myself when I run that it is not about how fast I go (because I am far from it!) but it matters that I can complete the run distance as planned, or the race that I signed up for. I have my first 10k coming up later this month and must keep that in mind!!
    Jennifer recently posted..Two running milestones!!My Profile

  5. I think their philosophy is a smart thing to abide by – especially while racing. Sometimes in a race you can get caught up with PR’s and trying to pass and stay with people. What it’s really all about is what you can do and what you’re capable of.

  6. I love the tank! Would work perfectly under running shirts this winter and looks perfect for summer!

  7. Sometimes I get really down on myself because I’m not exactly speedy, but then I have to remember that my pace works for ME and every mile counts.

  8. I try to live this this in every aspect of my life…one step at a time. Anything can overwhelm you if you think of the entire journey but if you just take the best next step you can, you quickly find yourself making progress you can be proud of.

  9. I just realized I didn’t answer the question, whoops! The company’s philosophy actually lines up with my personal views. It’s not about how fast you go, it’s about the journey along the way. It’s about improving, no matter how fast you are.
    Crystal recently posted..I Won!My Profile

  10. I set my own pace every day, depending on what things have influenced the day. I just keep going, no matter the pace :-)

  11. Oops, I didn’t leave a comment on the rafflecopter. I set my own pace everyday! Sometimes it’s b*lls to the wall and sometimes it’s slow and steady. If I try to go at someone’s else pace I usually end up failing.

  12. I love that their philosophy is about setting and aspiring towards goals! I definitely set goals for myself, and try to achieve them!

  13. What a great tank with an important message. As a slow runner it’s easy to think I’m not really doing good because I’m not racing super fast but I’m still running and I’m pacing myself. 😀
    Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie recently posted..28My Profile

  14. I have really been focusing on what I can do and less comparison to what others are achieving. I like how it’s about each person’s goals individually because at the end of the day you have only yourself to please!

  15. I just had a baby and haven’t started working out again, yet. But my plan is to set a very manageable goal and take my time getting back into the swing of things!

  16. Love this!! Super proud of my 2:29 first half time and I want to work to make it faster! Cant wait to see you :)

  17. My Pace Out philosophy is not comparing my pace to anybody else’s pace. This means in running, in life, in health. I’m working on my fit and healthy lifestyle day by day and I keep getting better every single day. I do it little by little and I don’t rush just to try to catch up to anybody else’s idea of fit or healthy. LOVE the shirt!

  18. Finding the pace that works for you to be happy to continue running and what makes running fun is always the best pace for you. Not everyone is an Elite runner. I may be super jealous of all the sub 8 minute mile girls out there that are killing me do my young age–but I know my body cannot handle that pace. Every time I increase my pace, I injure myself so I have to learn and be ok with slowly becoming faster.
    Kim @ livingdomestically recently posted..Stay Beautiful ColoradoMy Profile

  19. I actually really want to win this shirt for my friend! She’s so amazing and the philosophy is such a part of her life! She actually just finally did a full marathon – The Marine Corp Marathon! I knew she could do it and she did!!! So proud of her. She’s such an inspiration and I’m trying to incorporate the way she lives into my life!
    Rheanna recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Nutella is YummyMy Profile

  20. I try to keep pace with my 1 year old everyday! In addition to being a mom, I work full time and so fitting in time for exercise is a huge challenge. New workout clothes are great motivation :)

  21. I recently purchased the long sleeve bamboo shirt from PaceOut and LOVE. IT. I could live in it in cold weather. Now I just need to win the tank and I’ll be set year round. 😉

  22. as much as i would LOVE to run faster, that isn’t always an option, i get a great massive migrain when i run too hard, SO, running 3:1’s has helped me so much with this!! and my time hasn’t really gotten worse from it.

  23. I apply the pace out philosophy by setting achievable, yet challenging goals for myself and not giving up until they’ve been met. And once those goals are met, I plan another goal! Thanks for the giveaway!

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