Rock-N-Roll Savannah 2012

Rock-N-Roll Savannah Race Recap

**The winner of my Perribella bracelet giveaway is Brittani S.  She has been emailed!  Thank you so much for all your entries :)


Half marathon #3 is in the books!!!!  AND it comes with a shiny new PR!!!!!  But more on that in a minute 😉  Let’s start with the Rock-N-Roll Savannah Expo first!  Friday afternoon Chris got off work early and rushed home so we could head downtown to pick up our packets.  Since we went on Friday, the website instructed us to park downtown and catch the ferry across the river to the convention center.  There was a LONG line of people waiting:


Ferry to Expo


The line ended up going really fast and we only waiting about 10 minutes.  Once we got to the convention center it was smooth sailing.  Surprisingly, we got our bibs and shirts in about 5 minutes and then headed to see the vendors.  I have planned to meet up with Lindsey from Team REFUEL so I went right over to their booth.  She was SO nice and I definitely learned a lot about chocolate milk 😉  Unfortunately, Emmalyne started breaking down so we glimpsed through the rest of the vendors, grabbed some NUUN, and headed out.


Lindsey from Team REFUEL

  nuun booth


We didn’t get home until 7PM and quickly packed our race gear up in duffels to head over to Heather’s.  Even though Heather couldn’t run she was planning on spectating and cheering us and her friend Amanda on so we all had a sleep over at Heather’s Friday night.  I laid out my race gear like a good girl so I would be all set in the morning.


1/2 Marathon #FitGear

(Nike capris, Nike pullover, PACEout tank, Brooks Adrenalines, Smart Wool socks)

Unfortuantely for us, Emmalyne decided she was NOT happy and screamed until 1AM.  Major sleep FAIL.  When our alarm clock went off at 4:45AM I was semi-delerious.  I choked down a English muffin with PB and chia seeds and chugged a cup of coffee.  We were off!

Getting downtown was easy and we parked near the finish line due to an awesome media pass I got.  Our mile walk to the start got our legs warm.  Plus on the way we hit Parker’s and used real restrooms.  We got to the start with plenty of time to hit the potties again and headed to our corral (#11).

Pre-Race Pic

Before I knew it it was go time.  I ran with my friends Bob and Lindsey while Chris took off.  The first few miles weren’t my favorite, running near the highway and then through a neighborhood.  We kept a pretty steady pace of around 9:36 / mile which felt great.  We were chatting and having a good time.  I saw Heather around mile 5 and handed off my pull-over.

Mile 5

I felt awesome until mile 7 and then my hip started throbbing which was my major concern going into the race.  It became my constant battle the rest of the way.  By mile 10 it was just put one foot in front of the other and finish the race.  My hopes of a 2:10 finish went out the window.  Somewhere around mile 11.5 I saw the 2:15 pace group and decided to try to stay with them.  While I didn’t quite keep up, they gave me the motivation to pick it up and finish.  Finish I did, in 2:16.  That’s a over 6 minutes off my Go! St. Louis time!  It’s amazing to me that I have shaved nearly 30 minutes since my first half marathon.  :)   Chris was a rock star and also shaved 6 minutes from his previous PR and came in at 1:57 and change!

Half Marathon #3 is DONE

Overall I thought this was a great race and run really well considering it was only the second year.  I liked the course for the most part and it was pretty darn flat.  For those of us that train down here though we definitely felt the inclines but it wasn’t like DC or St. Louis that’s for sure!  My only complaint was the finishers chute was VERY narrow and after I crossed the finish line I ran smack into a stand-still.  I couldn’t move and my legs clenched up immediately.  Major bummer.  The after-party was in Forsyth Park which was AWESOME and a it was a beautiful day to boot.  I am already looking forward to next year’s race 😉

Now that half #3 is in the books, I am looking into #4.  Pretty sure it’s going to be the Augusta Half Marathon on February 24!  Anyone running it?

Did you race this weekend?  How did you do?


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  1. Congrats on your PR. It sounds like you had a fun race despite your hip issue. I am running next weekend, the Wine and Dine half at Disney World!

  2. Awesome job! It was a great race for my second RnR Savannah. A PR for me, too and I beat last year’s time by 24 minutes with a 2:12. Next up is the bridge 10k and then the Tybee half in February. Happy running!

  3. Good job on passing your St. Louis time!! Does this race you mentioned in February have a website? I am not ready to do a half, but if they have a 10K I would definitely like to have something to train for!
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  4. Hey! Saw your blog listing on the MRTT group, and I also entered your tank giveaway! :) Great race review… It was my first and I totally had an awesome time… loved every damn minute! Hope to run with you soon at one of our group runs!

    You have done a half in DC? (I’m from there)… I would love to try the Nike Women’s half this year, but I think it’s a lottery to get in.

    Love your husband’s (?) shirt – I feel that way sometimes!

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