Family Weekend Walk

Weekend Recap

Our long weekend has officially come to an end.  Chris has been home the last 4 days and it has been wonderful.  We didn’t do anything extremely exciting, but we did take time together as a family and relaxed.  After the hustle and bustle of the last couple of weeks it was perfect.


Friday was Chris’ birthday.  We got a babysitter in the afternoon so we could hit the matinee showing of Lincoln.  Apparently the movie theatre didn’t think they would be busy on Black Friday because there was one person working concessions.  I literally waited 30 minutes for some movie theatre popcorn.  Oh well, it was worth it 😉




The movie itself was very good to these two history buffs.  I thought Daniel Day Lewis was incredible.  The movie gave a great look at one of the most incredible human beings and how the 13th amendment came to be passed and therefore slavery abolished in the United States.  Incredible.


After the movie, we headed home and started getting things ready for dinner.  Chris and I decided to do “surf and turf” at home this year in lieu of going out.  We didn’t want to deal with the chaos.  So, we grilled crab legs, steaks, potatoes, and corn instead.  Every bite was absolutely delicious.  We topped it off with chocolate birthday cake.



Surf and Turf


Saturday was a family focused day.  We got it started right by trimming the Christmas tree.  I have a whole post dedicated to our family traditions during the holiday season but our tree is one of them.  I always have so much fun remembering the ornaments as they go up on the tree.  Side note: Emmalyne has been fabulous with the tree.  She went for it once, I explained how she had to be “gentle” and she has only pet the ornaments since.  Now that I wrote that though she will probably knock it down.


Christmas Tree


Later in the afternoon we took a break and headed out for a family walk.  We did a fast 2.3 miles in the neighborhood.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and both Emmalyne and the dogs appreciated getting out in the fresh air.


Family Weekend Walk


Sunday was full of church and chores.  Chris’ mom is coming this week so we spent a majority of our day deep cleaning the house.  I also made a new cleaning chart:


Cleaning Schedule


I had a different one before when we lived in Missouri.  Now we have more space and less bathrooms so it was time I tweaked it.  I plan on doing a whole post on home organization in the near future too 😉


Overall it was a long, low-key weekend.  Things are about to get crazy with Christmas quickly approaching so I appreciated the quiet moments we spent together this weekend as a family.


How did you spend your weekend?

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  1. I really want to see Lincoln. I was reading an article about it and how Daniel Day Lewis toured all the historic places in Springfield, IL for two weeks last year and was never identified. He loved it.

    Good for you for slowing down a little this weekend. It’s always good when you get some family time in. I didn’t realize you had two dogs. Either way, it’s a pretty adorable family.
    Katie @momslrb recently posted..19 Weeks: Turkey, Trains and PortraitsMy Profile

  2. Our tree looks pantsless because the ornaments don’t start until two feet up… but Penny has been good with it so far! Only tried to rip down a garland once haha.

    I need that cleaning chart! Where did you make it? I want a pretty one like that too 😛
    Chantal recently posted..What’s Your Confession?My Profile

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