#WIAW Breakfast

WIAW … Election Day

Yesterday was a long and stressful day.  My eating went out the window.  Oh well.  Healthy living isn’t about eating perfectly every single day for your entire life.  It is about finding balance and understanding when days just don’t go right.  I am not going to beat myself up or apologize when I don’t eat as clean as I would like.  As proof, I am sharing my eats for my “What I Ate Wednesday“.  Thanks Jenn of Peas and Crayons for hosting!




#WIAW Breakfast


Breakfast was innocent enough with egg and spinach scramble, fruit, a slice of bacon, and whole wheat toast.  I like bigger breakfasts.  In fact, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  True story.



#WIAW Lunch


I had a LOVE chicken burrito for lunch with guar, salsa, and tasty cheese.  Healthy … no.  Fast?  Yes.  I have a final next week and a crazy child.  Mix those two together and there’s not a lot of time this week to whip up lunches.  I do what I can.  It was delicious 😉



#WIAW Dinner


Pizza, baked potato bread bowl, and Hawaiian meatballs = election night party food.  Again, delicious.  Absolutely not healthy. We had friends over to watch the election coverage.


Overall there are days where I know I could have done better.  Yesterday was obviously one of them.  When I have those kinds of days I just remember that tomorrow is a new one and move on.  That’s all.  No self hate, no guilt, just knowledge of what I can do to do better.  :)


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How do you get passed not so healthy days?  Did you have an election party?

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13 thoughts on “WIAW … Election Day”

  1. your foods look delish!! have you ever tried the evol brand burritos? i really like them, and they’re not bad for you at all! dr. oz even approves them! haah!! have a fabulous day! spa <3

  2. If that was a bad day for you then you should see what I ate. Haha I was a little piggy. Your food actually looks like me good day. :)

  3. I just came across your blog,but from this post alone I know I am already in love! ha I love that you find the balance and don’t let bad eating days bring you down! I know for me that is one of the hardest things to avoid, letting yourself make mistakes and getting over it! Great post, I can’t wait to read more! So glad I stumbled on your blog!
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