Our Christmas Tree

There is something special about a Christmas tree.  The warmth, comfort, and light it brings to a house.  In case, it also brings many many years of memories hung upon its branches.

Christmas Tree


When wasting time browsing Pinterest, I have come across so many beautiful and amazingly coordinated trees.  While I enjoy looking at them, these kinds of trees will never grace my home.  My ornaments won’t match, and my tree will never appear in a magazine.  However, my tree is full of countless moments in time and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


My mom started a tradition with my sister and I that we each receive a special ornament on Christmas Eve.  My mom meticulously searches for and finds the perfect ornament every year that sums up what that year has meant to Heather or I.  She has done this my entire life and my tree has 25 ornaments that highlight every important memory I have ever had or lived.


Christmas Tree Ornaments


From top to bottom:

  • She gave both Heather and I the patriotic heart to commemorate September 11, 2011 and what it meant to us as Americans.
  • The baby booties were Emmalyne’s first ornament from Mimi last year.
  • The University of Arizona is for both Chris’ and my alma mater.
  • The Alpha Phi was the year I pledged and was initiated.
  • Our First Christmas was Chris’ and my ornament the year we were married
  • Peter Pan was my ornament when I was 2 or 3 because I had a huge crush on him and insisted we play Peter Pan for hours on end.


Last year mom also gave us a pickle to hide.  Hiding the pickle ornament on the tree is a German tradition where the first child Christmas morning to find the pickle receives an additional gift.


Pickle Ornament


I cherish each and every one of these ornaments and it makes decorating the tree THAT much more fun.  Beyond the ornaments though I almost cherish this more:


Christmas tree ornaments list

Christmas tree ornaments list


My mom’s perfect (to me) cursive with a running list of what ornaments where given in each year dating back until the year I was born.  Somehow we have kept this piece of cardboard forever.  Last year I started adding Emmalyne’s ornaments to the list as well.  This is a family tradition that will live on.


What does your tree look like?  Is it matching?  A hodge podge?

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