12 Days of Christmas Workout + Fitness Friday

Happy #FitnessFriday friends!  What’s more exciting than Fitness Friday?  It being the LAST Fitness Friday before Christmas.  Only 4 days to finish up your shopping if you haven’t already.  Still need some gift ideas?  Check out my Fit-Christmas list!  This week was a decent week in workouts (which I needed to burn off the cookies I ate) with some surprises along the way so let’s get to it.





#FitnessFriday -Monday


Monday I overslept and missed my bootcamp class.  I did make it in time for yoga which was awesome.  I was sick on Sunday so stretching it out felt great.  After yoga I hit the weights for a 12 Days of Christmas WOD which left me hot and sweaty :)


12 Days of Christmas Workout



#FitnessFriday - Tuesday Workout

Tuesday’s workout for half training was a 3.5 mile run.  I kept it at an easy pace.  My train slow, race fast idea is coming along nicely so far.  After, I did a CrossFit WOD which included tons of push-ups leaving me sore to this day.



Was an unexpected rest day.  Chris and I planned on working out on post after a meeting we had and the meeting went late.  We were on the verge of nap time so we decided to get the Emster home instead.



#FitnessFriday - Thursday Workout


I did the workout that I had planned to do Wednesday on Thursday.  I started with 6x400m repeats with a 1/2 mile warm-up and cool-down.  After, I did a tabata WOD which killed me.


Another workout came unexpectedly.  When I got home from the gym I let the dogs out and got Emmalyne lunch.  After she had eaten I went to let them in and they didn’t come.  I went out into the backyard and they were nowehere to be seen.  I then noticed that the gate was open.  PANIC.  I ran out front, didn’t see them, and panicked more.  Luckily, my neighbor was outside and took Em so I could get in the car.  Another one of my neighbors got in his car too.  Between running up and down the street, the adrenaline pumping, and the fact that my HR monitor was still on, I burned an additional 378 calories.  NICE.  Luckily we found the dogs and they are chilling at home.  Thank God.


Today I am planning on getting 3 miles in, a 5K tomorrow, and maybe something on Sunday too.  We will see :)


How was your week in workouts?  Have your animals ever escaped from home?

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  1. Oh man, my dog escapes all the time and we live in total bobcat and cougar territory so it always gives me a heart attack. Thankfully, our neighbors are pretty on top of it (our pets are always in each other’s yards) so Bear always comes home safely.
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