Munchkin Meals

My daughter is a garbage disposal.  Seriously.  She eats the same amount of food as many 7 year olds.  Recently I have noticed an increase in our grocery bill to keep her satiated.  Her pediatrician said her weight is right on track with her height and that she is probably so hungry because she is so mobile.  Luckily, Brittany is hosting Munchkin Meals this week so I can talk about it 😉




Emmie is taking after me and loving a big breakfast.  Normally she eats whatever I do.  Whether that be scrambled eggs with spinach, Vans whole wheat waffles, and fruit.  She is officially a strawberry monster and could down an entire pint in one sitting if I let her.


Munchkin Meals Breakfast


For lunch, left overs rock.  Whatever is still in the refrigerator makes its way onto her tray before the epic pre-nap meltdown begins.  If there aren’t leftovers, I steam veggies, make macaroni and cheese, chop turkey, or whatever.  I often have some brown rice pre-made that I can mix with whatever I can find.  Ha.


Snacks are getting a bit easier.  Girl loves her carbs and will down Cheerios or wheat crackers.  String cheese is a quick and easy fix and mandarin oranges are baby crack.  Peeled apple slices can go a long way too.


For dinner, Emmalyne eats whatever we are having.  Often times Emmalyne and I eat dinner together and then Chris gets home later and warms a plate.  She loves my turkey meatloaf muffins and will down a plate full of roasted veggies easy.


Munchkin Meals Dinner


The most difficult thing we are facing?  Eating out.  It’s costing too much money since we have to buy Emmalyne a full meal.  HA.  😉  Gone are the days where she would be happy having a few bites of my meal.

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  1. Our grocery bill has gone up by a lot too becuse how much Caleb eats. I have no idea where all that food goes too, besides the floor and the walls that is. Emmie looks like such a clean eater!
    Maria @ lift love life recently posted..Korea Day 4My Profile

  2. Big eaters seems to be a theme today! My little guy eats like a horse as well! He’s actually always been under weight so we’re not sure where all his food goes! Our grocery bill has gone up a lot in the past year with our little eater. Especially since I purchase more organic food now. When we go out I always try to bring food with us so we don’t have to order a full meal. Then he usually eats some of whatever we order as well.
    Giselle@ahealthyhappyhome recently posted..Toddler EatsMy Profile

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