Emmalyne: 15 Months

Emmalyne: Month 15

Emmalyne: 15 Months


When Emmalyne turned one in October I decided to change her monthly updates to quarterly updates.  While she is learning tons of things each month, it just makes more sense for me this way.  SO much has happened since her birthday and I am super excited to share her developments with you.  If you want to take a look back on her monthly updates you can find them on my Pregnancy/Baby page :)



HEIGHT/WEIGHT: Not sure.  Here 15 month check-up is later this month.

CLOTHES: 18-24 months

SHOES: Size 5


Emmalyne: 15 Months


Emmalyne pretty much bypassed all of the 12-18 months clothes because she’s pretty tall.  Her 18 month shirts are now too small too.  I have some 18-14 month clothes for spring and then a ton of 2T for fall.



Em’s personality blossomed these last couple of months.  She’s always been very outgoing and full of energy but it seems as if that multiplied since she turned one.  She is fiercely independent and hates it when we try to help her do things.  She prefers to figure it out for herself.  Sometimes this results in some tears of frustration.  She loves to give us hugs and kisses and also kisses the dogs all the time.


Emmalyne: Month 15



Homegirl loves to eat.  Seriously.  I gave a more in depth update in my last munchkin meals post but she is currently eating three meals a day plus snacks.  She gets milk at her meals and constantly has a water bottle to drink throughout the day.  Emmie isn’t a picky eater and will pretty much each everything we give her.


Emmalyne: 15 Months



In the last three months Em has gained 4 new teeth including her upper two molars.  These last couple of teeth came through pretty easily and I honestly didn’t know they were coming.  I just saw them one day.  Her bottom molars should be coming in soon.  I can see them under the gums.  With my luck they will pop through on the airplane Wednesday.



Probably my favorite part of toddlerhood so far.  Em is very communicative and verbal.  She will come up to me and start telling me a story in her own language complete with inflections and hand movements.  She’ll nod at the end and walk off.  No idea what she’s saying but she sure does.  Recent actual words: “baby”, “done”, “thank you” (AND with the correct context … color me shocked), “hey”, “boo”, and so much more.  She is constantly talking and I love it.  Now if only we had a translator …


Emmalyne: 15 Months



We are down to one nap a day.  She dropped to the one pretty quickly after her first birthday.  Now, she eats lunch around 11:30 and then is in bed for her nap by noon.  On most days she will sleep a solid two hours which is great.  At night, she is still sleeping from 7PM – 7:30AM.  No complaints here!



Imaginative play is in full force over here.  Emmie has taken on the role of “girl” seriously and without much prodding.  She loves to wear jewelry, carry purses, and push her baby.  Normally, she does all three at once.  We didn’t push gender roles on her but as soon as she discovered the above at friend’s houses etc. she was off and running.

Emmalyne Play at 15 Months


She also loves puzzles.  We got some simple Melissa & Doug ones for her birthday and she loves them.  The shape one is her favorite and she can actually put the shapes in the correct spot.  She doesn’t know the names of the shapes yet but can definitely put them where they go.


Emmalyne: Play at 15 Months


My mom and stepdad got Emmalyne a rocker for Christmas and she loves sitting in it.  She also loves rocking her stuffed animals.  Her absolute favorite stuffed animal is “Boo” her dog (as seen in the above photos).  Her great-grandmother gave him to her and she has become pretty attached.  She knows him as “Boo” and takes him everywhere.  I love it.  She also loves her Minnie doll due to her obsession with all things Mickey Mouse.


Emmalyne: Play at 15 Months


I am truly blessed to be able to stay home with Emmalyne and I have cherished and loved every moment.  While her newborn snuggles were priceless, these moments of toddlerhood are unique and special.  I am seeing her grow up before my eyes and each and every day she takes a bigger step away from being a baby.  Emmalyne is constantly learning new things and I have a front row seat.


Emmie – I am so thankful that I am your mom.  You fill my life with so much joy, laughter, and love.  I love you little girl … you are my sunshine.

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  1. Awwwww……………she is so cute. And you are right – it is truly a blessing to be able to be home with her – you can’t get this time in a child’s life back (says the mom of 16 year old wistfully!!). She’s a keeper. :-)
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  2. I love her sweater! I can’t believe our babies are toddlers now. Toddlers! I love seeing Emmie’s updates because it’s what I have to look forward to a couple months from now. They learn quick, huh?

    Penny is a talker too. I can understand some things, but sometimes it’s just babble. She will look at me with a serious face and go “Da bwa” like I know what she means lol
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  3. YAY! Reading these posts lifts me up because I can so clearly see the love you have for her and how thankful you are that you are a SAHM and can watch Emmie grow up. I will meet Emmie someday that little celeb (and her FAB mama too) even if she is like…3 when I finally do! Haha! Also she should meet CupcakeKellys.com Kelly’s son Luke. He is a Mickey maniac. Do I see a future toddler relationship? 😉
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