Stepmill HIIT Workout + Fitness Friday

I can’t believe it’s Friday already.  While most Fridays I am ecstatic and ready for the weekend, today is a little different.  Tomorrow Emmalyne and I head back to Savannah.  I am super excited to get home to Chris and hug the pups but I hate the good byes with my family.  BOO.  It’s a good thing we already have our next trip on the calendar … it makes the parting slightly easier.


On to the fitness … One of my favorite things about coming home is getting to go the gym by my mom’s house.  Why?  One, they always hook me up with a guest pass so I can continue my workouts while traveling.  But two, they have stepmills.  I LOVE/hate the stepmill and think it’s such an awesome workout.  I created this HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout the other week and have done it now a couple of times.  It kicks my booty.  Literally.  Check it out:


Stepmill HIIT



AND since it’s Friday it’s time for another Fitness Friday.  Since I can go to the gym here, I have stuck with my normal workout schedule for the week and feel great about my workouts.





Fitness Friday - Yoga Mat



Monday morning I went to the gym and did the stepmill HIIT workout followed by a CrossFit WOD (150 wallballs for time).  Emmie and I were supposed to go to mom/toddler yoga in the morning but the class was cancelled so I went to an intermediate/advanced class that night.  While the class was very different from what I am used to, it was still a great and challenging class.  I even held a forearm stand unassisted for a few seconds!  Take that 2013 resolutions 😉



Fitness Friday - Tuesday Workout

Tuesday’s workout was a CrossFit WOD of 5 RFT of: 800m run, 15 KB swings, 15 push-ups.  I completed it in exactly 30 minutes.  I rounded out my running with another 1.5 miles on the treadmill and was spent.



Fitness Friday - Wednesday Workout


I woke up with a cold and not feeling great.  In retrospect, I should have taken a rest day.  OOPS.  Instead, I ran a slow 3 miles on the treadmill.  I then did a CrossFit WOD of: 70 burpees, 60 sit-ups, 50 KB swings, 40 Push-Ups, 30 Squats.  I felt like death warmed over and rested most of the day after.  Embrace the rest days yo.  It just isn’t always worth it 😉



Fitness Friday - Thursday Workout


Luckily for me, I woke up yesterday feeling MUCH better and ready to conquer the gym.  I had repeats on the schedule and luckily my daily WOD gave me just that.  It was 20 minutes AMRAP of 400m runs and 21 Deadlifts.  I got thru 5 complete rounds and an additional 400m run.  I still had one more repeat to do after so I added on another 1 mile run.  Before calling it a day, I did 3 sets each of bench dips, tricep kick-backs, and cable push-downs.



Who knows what today will bring but if I am lucky a good sweat will happen 😉


What do you think of the stepmill?  OR, what’s your favorite cardio machine?

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  1. OMG Lady! You are looking amazing! Your arms are SO toned! I am so jealous! And I loved your 70, 60, 50, 40, 30 workout… totally trying it tomorrow :) Thanks for sharing it!
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