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Weekend Recap

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How is it Monday already??  This weekend flew by in a blink.  Our friend Mike has been staying with us until he can move into his house later this week.  We had a great time over here.  Friday night I was treated to a site not many people will have.


Boys in the Kitchen



Yup.  That’s Chris doing dishes and Mike making chocolate chip cookies.  I had a tough couple of days with Em (she had her 15 month shots and a fever) so I got to sit back, drink a Blue Moon, and watch.  #Bliss.


Saturday morning I got up bright and early for the intermediate flow class at Awakening Yoga Studio that I go to every week.


Saturday Morning Yoga



Saturday’s class was totally focused on hamstrings.  I got super excited since I figured that this would be perfect the day before my long run.  Ha.  Ya right.  My legs were shaking most of the class and while my hammys felt nice and stretched, I was left with legs that were smoked.  We spent the rest of the day hanging around the house until it was time to head downtown for the evening.  I love the nights where I get to put on “real” clothes and not some compression leggings.


#OOTD: Saturday Night Fashion


Top: Forever 21 (old), Sweater: Target, Leggings: Lululemon Wunder Unders, Boots: Nine West


We ended up meeting some of our friends from college at Wild Wing Cafe down in City Market.  I have made it pretty clear here on the blog that I love all things buffalo flavored so I was pretty excited.  There is always a live band on the weekends outside of Wild Wings so that made our hour wait for a table tolerable.  Emmalyne got down with her bad self and made the people near us laugh.  We ended up getting an awesome table in front of the TV projector and sweet talked our way to having the Arizona basketball game put on.  As an appetizer, we got 2 of the 3 dip platters so we could try all 6 dips.  The buffalo chicken dip was unreal.  I ordered medium wings for dinner and the verdict?  Meh.  I was pretty disappointed but some of the other flavors were pretty good.


Wing Wings Cafe - Savannah


You know what buffalo wings and beer doesn’t make?  A good meal the night before a long run haha.  Sunday morning we all loaded up the car and the BOB to hit up J.F. Gregory for a long run.  I ran with my friend Leslie Ann who is a fantastic running buddy.  Unfortunately my hamstrings were on strike from yoga and made the run pretty difficult.  Endurance wise I felt great but my legs weren’t having it.  Multiple stretches of walking left us with averaging 10:49/mile which is still on par with my McMillan pace for long runs but kind of disappointing.


Sunday Runday


What wasn’t disappointing though was the brunch we had planned for after the run.  We came home and whipped up waffles, eggs scrambled with tomatoes, mushrooms, and spinach, fruit, and some bacon.  I was in post-run heaven.




And what brunch is complete without mimosas?  Not ours.

Sunday Mimosas

Overall it was a perfect weekend.  Having Mike around reminds me of all the great times we had when we lived at Fort Hood and also reminds me that the Army is a small world and our Army friends are here forever.  We are pretty lucky to have him stationed with us again!

What’s your favorite brunch item?  Did anyone race this weekend?

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