Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday

It’s been awhile but I am finally back to Fitness Friday!  I had a fantastic week in workouts so I am excited to share them with you :)


Fitness Friday




Monday Yoga


Monday morning I hit up the yoga class at my gym.  It had been a couple of weeks since I made a class so it felt SO GOOD to be back on my mat.  It was definitely much needed.



Fitness Friday - Running


I had some great runs this week.  Monday’s workout included 5 rounds of 400m repeats which was a great speed session.  The rest of the week I just did some nice, easy runs on the treadmill.  Since I don’t have a race on the calendar, I am just trying to maintain my mileage and some of my speed from the Augusta Half Marathon.



Fitness Friday - CrossFit WODs

I didn’t make it to the CrossFit classes on post this week because I forgot to register for child care a couple of weeks ago before the spaces booked.  OOPS.  I did manage to get in some awesome WODs at my gym though.  I either use my box’s WODs (they post them weekly HERE) or CrossFit Mamas.  No matter what, I know I am going to get in an awesome sweat sesh.



Em and I also took the dogs on walks 3 days this week.  Georgia has been in a cold snap which was a bummer but it looks like warmer temperatures are on the horizon!  Hoping to continue making sure the pups get their exercise in as well 😉


Chris has a 4-day weekend this weekend for Easter so we are excited to continue our trend of quality family time.  I have a meeting on post this morning and then heading to the CrossFit box for a mid-day WOD before settling in at the house.  We are spending Easter with our Army family and I am really looking forward to good food and better fellowship.  Have a HAPPY EASTER and remember the reason why we are celebrating!


What was your best workout this week?

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