March Munchkin Meals: 17 Months

I love sharing my eats with you on What I Ate Wednesday because then I can also check out the other posts for some new ideas.  Similarly, I love linking up with Brittany for Munchkin Meals because I get some new ideas for toddler meals!  Feeding a toddler isn’t hard … but having a variety of foods can be.  This is Em’s 17  month edition of Munchkin Meals!


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Munchkin Meals Breakfast 17 Months


Breakfast is pretty standard around here.  Eggs, fruit, homemade whole wheat waffles, or baked oatmeal (recipe coming SOON I promise).  Oatmeal if for days where we have to be out the door early and I need an option that takes 30 seconds.  Perfect!



Munchkin Meals Lunch 17 Months

Munchkin Meals Lunch 17 Months 1


Quinoa sautéed with spinach, tomatoes, and turkey.  Grapes on the side.

Applegate chicken nuggets, clementine, and left over roasted veggies.

Quinoa with peas, turkey, and spinach with clementines.

Low sodium, nitrate free turkey, clementines, leftover roasted veggies

Leftover creamy mushroom chicken, blueberries, and peas.


The biggest thing with lunch for me is that I have things on hand.  I make quinoa during my Sunday prep so I have it on hand all week.  I always make extra roasted veggies for easy lunch options.  Lunch takes me less than 5 minutes to prep which is great when Em gets hangry.


March Munchkin Meals Dinner 17 Months

For dinner, Em eats what we eat.  In this case it was chicken with roasted veggies and grilled pork chops.



Emmalyne Ocean Spray Mixed Berry Smoothie


Snacks are whatever is on hand.  We have been loving smoothies lately.  Em also sucks down green juices like there’s no tomorrow.  Sometimes it’s Gold Fish crackers.


Overall I try to get Em a balanced diet throughout the day.  I also try to add variety to the kinds of fruits and veggies she eats.  Overall I am lucky that I have a really good eater who loves her healthy foods!  Don’t forget to check out the other posts in the link-up!

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19 thoughts on “March Munchkin Meals: 17 Months”

  1. I love those plates! My son things plates are toys and throws them food and all when I put them on his tray. Looks like your girl gets such a great variety of foods! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have noticed you don’t give her many carbs after breakfast.. Is that intentional or she just eats what you eat? I have heard that I should start my daughter on just carbs and veggies rather than meat? Did you do that at the beginning or has it roughly always been like this? X

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