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Soldier of Steel

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Finding a partner in life who shares similar passions to yours is key.  Lucky for me, Chris and I have many similar interests.  One of the most important ones is that we are both committed to living an active and fit lifestyle.  Chris’ love of fitness goes beyond his own personal reasons – it’s also a part of his job.  As you guys know, Chris is an Active Duty Soldier in the Army and is expected to maintain a certain level of physical fitness.  So in our house, anything that combines fitness and the armed services is a win.





Mark Twight is one of Hollywood’s “go to” trainers and is also the founder of Gym Jones (with his wife Lisa), a strength and conditioning facility.  He’s pretty noted for helping condition cast members of movies like “300” (2007), “Repo Men”(2010), “Man of Steel”(2013), and “300: Rise of an Empire”(2013).  I have to say …. the characters are pretty ripped in those movies so he must be doing something right 😉


He goes WAY beyond Hollywood though and also teaches climbing, nutrition, and fitness to Special Operations Command (SOCOM) operators.  Basically he works with some bad asses in the military.


How does this connect to the Armed Services?  Well, like Clark Kent, Soldiers of the National Guard have to be ready for anything at a moments notice.  Not only to they deploy to war zones, they also are activated when crises arise back home like the tornadoes in Oklahoma or Superstorm Sandy.  These men and women are Citizen Soldiers who are ready when their neighbors need them.


Soldier of SteelTM



You too can be a SOLDIER OF STEEL™ by completing the workout.  By visiting you can:

  • Download a one-month training routine developed by Mark Twight
  • See how Mark Twight transformed Henry Cavill into the MAN OF STEEL™
  • Watch fitness webisodes
  • Receive training tutorials on 23 different exercises



What I like about the workouts is that they require minimal equipment and can easily be done at home (depending on what you have) or at any gym.  The workouts themselves can be tailored for beginners and advanced alike.  While I haven’t had a chance to try the workouts yet, I am familiar with all the moves and feel confident that you can be successful with them.  After showing Chris the month of workouts we both are stoked to try them out soon!


Do you want to be ripped like Henry Cavill?  Because I am thinking that Chris does ;)


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