25 Weeks Pregnant

Baby #2: 25 Weeks Pregnant

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Totally didn’t mean to go MIA yesterday … I had every intention of posting my pregnancy update when I got to my mom’s house.  Unfortunately, I didn’t sleep at all Sunday night and ended up VERY sick yesterday.  It’s been a fun time … NOT.  However, Em and I did safely arrive in Phoenix and there is no one better than your mommy to take care of you when you’re sick so I can’t complain too much.  Poor Chris was sick too but all by himself back in Georgia.  BOO.  I am feeling a little better today and hope to be back to 100% tomorrow.  Until then, here is my 25-weeks pregnancy update!


25 Weeks Pregnant



What is baby up to at 25 weeks?

  • She’s about the size of a rutabaga – or 1.5 pounds and 13.5 inches long
  • She’s beginning to put on some baby fat!  Bring on the chunky baby thighs :)
  • She’s growing more hair!  Em was born with a full head of DARK brown hair so we will see about Jellybean!


How is mama doing?


Weight Gain: No idea.  I’m on vacation.  Probably put on several pounds though for how we have been eating!  Ha.


Exercise:  I had a pretty decent week in workouts last week.  Chris and I were able to work out at his dad’s gym in Las Vegas which helped.  I even go to go to my beloved BodyPump class!  Man I have missed it.  You can see all my workouts HERE.


Sleep: Sleep has been pretty terrible this past week not going to lie.  However, I attribute that to traveling, sleeping somewhere else, and a 3-hour time difference.  Sunday night I literally slept for like 1-2 hours total.  It was terrible.  Last night I was up sick until 3:30AM so I barely slept then too.  Hoping to get this evened out soon because I LOVE my sleep.


Other Things:

  • Braxton Hicks contractions are in full force.  I had some pretty bad ones after traveling all day on Thursday.  Our flight from Atlanta to Vegas was pretty turbulent so I am sure the bouncing didn’t help.  Either way they are no fun.
  • Heart Burn. I am taking heart burn medicine almost daily just like I did with Em.  An Old Wive’s Tale is that if you have heartburn during pregnancy your baby will have hair at birth.  Was true for Em!
  • Nausea.  My hyperemesis flared up this last week and it’s not welcome back.  Over it.


Belly Size: I mentioned last week that my belly was measuring a week behind.  Well, I had an ultrasound last Tuesday and baby girl is measuring a day ahead and was 1.5 pounds THEN which is the average for this week. Looks like I am not playing by the rules … again.  Here’s to hoping I don’t have a 10-pound baby!


Other than that Em and I are just really enjoying all this time we are getting with our family.  I love seeing her get showered with love and attention from so many people that love her!  She is in her hay-day and so are all of her grandparents, aunt, uncles, and cousins.  She’s pretty easy to love 😉  Poor Em though is teething.  She is in the process of getting her 2-year molars and it has been pretty sad.  Of course she starts teething while on vacation … poor thing!


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  1. Hope you feel better soon!

    Also, YAY for going to BP–that is awesome!

    Oh and the heartburn thing–never heard of it? But I’ve had it once so far….so maybe she’ll have a tiny bit of hair? Hah.

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