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Munchkin Meals: 22 Months

It has been awhile since I linked up with Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life for Munchkin Meals so I am excited to be back on board today :


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So the last few months I have been offering Em the same foods as before but her palate has been a little pickier.  While I know it’s totally normal for toddlers to go through periods of pickiness, it has been a little frustrating feeling like we were wasting food.  But more on that in a minute!



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So like I said, Em has been particularly picky lately.  Only recently has she started eating eggs again so I try to sneak some veggies in there with them!  Her scrambled eggs had spinach and mushrooms in there.  I can always count on her eating a fruit and a Chobani yogurt is quickly becoming a standard part of her breakfasts.  She loves those things!  I also gave her a mini version of my oatmeal from yesterday.



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Lunch is a bit trickier.  Some days she eats a lot, others she doesn’t eat at all.  I have taken to keeping her lunch plate in the fridge if she doesn’t eat much and offering it again after nap time.  Sometimes this results in her munching a little bit more.  Again, fruit is the first to go and she still loves avocado.  Emmalyne is also pretty obsessed with the Applegate chicken nuggets.



Dinner is whatever we eat … simple as that.  Some meals are more successful than others.  She loves crock-pot lasagna but isn’t a huge fan of fish any more.  I just go with the flow!


Overall I am just trying to keep getting a balanced amount of food in the toddler.  If we go running the morning I make enough smoothie for both of us and make sure to add spinach.  When I juice she will happily suck down a green juice so I know that she is getting some veggies in her diet.  In order to help make sure she is getting her necessary nutrients I have also started giving her a L’il Critters Complete Multivitamin.  They are a gummy vitamin that doesn’t use artificial colors etc. and it helps ease my mind to think she is lacking things in her diet.


Here’s to hoping my voracious eater comes back soon!  Until then I am just going with the flow :)


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8 thoughts on “Munchkin Meals: 22 Months”

  1. I am at that point with Ella and Jackson too. I feel like all they will eat is elbow macaroni. I have been trying new recipes all the time. Ella loves froggy pasta which is puréed peas with milk and Parmesan cheese on pasta. I also recently found a recipe for green Mac and Cheese. It is puréed spinach, peas, broccoli with milk and white cheddar cheese. Ella ate it up! If you want recipes then let me know. :)

  2. My son started getting pickier right around Em’s age and is still about the same. Like you said some days he’ll eat a ton and some days he won’t. Have you tried mixing an egg into the oatmeal for her? My son was on an egg strike for awhile so if I made him oatmeal I would just whisk in an egg towards the end and he gobbled it right up! Works for me! He doesn’t love veggies by themselves so we do lots of green smoothies and green juices too. At least I know he’s getting in some veggies that ways :-)
    Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome recently posted..Munchkin Meals 26 monthsMy Profile

  3. Oh the pickier eaters. I remember both of my boys getting pickier around Em’s age. Now, one eats all kinds of stuff while the other is still picky. As frustrating as it is, just keep offering her different kinds of food. I’m sure you know this too but while one day of eating might not look that great, usually things even out over the week.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..One Step Back. Two Steps Forward.My Profile

  4. My son went through a picky stage right around 2 years old, but fortunately it only lasted for a few months. He is back to eating all kinds of veggies and food for that matter. He loves adding hot sauce to his eggs, which still surprises me every time he asks for it! Hang in there, as this phase will pass and your daughter will be back to her normal eating habits in no time!
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