Running While Pregnant

Running While Pregnant

I’ve been getting some questions regarding running during pregnancy and thought it was time I address them!  This is a new-to-me topic since I didn’t run during my first pregnancy.  When I was pregnant with Emmalyne I started off in decent shape and had just run my first half marathon two months prior.  That being said, I wasn’t as comfortable pushing my body mainly out of fear.  I still worked out but stuck with incline walking, the elliptical, yoga, and weights.  This time around is a different story.


Running While Pregnant - Running for Two


I started this pregnancy in much better shape than my last.  I had just run my fastest half-marathon in Augusta a few weeks prior to getting preggo and was regularly doing CrossFit and yoga.  My mileage base was 20-25 miles a week and I was feeling awesome!  Additionally, I am much more laid-back this pregnancy … less paranoid and more willing to just listen to my body.  So, I am still running, doing CrossFit, and practicing yoga … all with some modifications … at 24 weeks pregnant.


Running While Pregnant



Here are some of the things that help me when it comes to running while pregnant.


1.  Don’t Worry About Pace

It can be really really hard to slow down but pregnancy kind of makes you.  Your blood volume increases dramatically and your diaphragm starts to get compressed by your growing belly.  So, while I try to keep a decent overall pace during my runs, I don’t stress about it.  Instead, I slow down to catch my breath whenever I need to.  My heart rate definitely goes over 140 bmp but I aim on keeping my breathing even and be able to talk. If I ever get dizzy (hasn’t happened yet) I would just stop and rest or walk.


2.  Don’t Over-Heat

In the Deep South we deep with oppressively hot and humid summers so running outdoors doesn’t happen very much.  There were a few weeks where I was logging most my miles on the pavement while pushing Emmie but the heat has been tough lately.  Even at the gym I am cognizant of not overheating by having the fan on full blast.  After running outside I turn the fan on full blast and put an ice pack in my sports bra.



Pregnant women already need an increased water intake due to their increased blood volume etc.  Add in exercise and you need even more.  I drink a big glass of water before working out, have ice water on hand during my workout, and drink tons of water post-workout.  At home, I still use my 1-L water bottle from the hospital as my go-to water source during the day.


4.  Set Realistic Goals

My goal right now is to run as long as it feels comfortable and shoot for 10-15 miles a week.  This is a significant cut back on the amount of miles I was logging pre-pregnancy but it’s a number I feel comfortable with.  I am not trying to win any races … just keep my legs moving :)


5.  Listen to Your Body

Some days I just don’t feel like running is a great idea so I don’t.  Right now I am not using a maternity support belt but it is on the horizon to help keep my running longer.  No one knows your body better than you so listening to its cues are incredibly important ALL the time but especially while pregnant.  It’s not just about you … it’s about the baby too!


Like I said, so far running has been going great but that could all change tomorrow.  I am taking it day by day and just going with what feels good.  I’ll switch over to incline walking and the elliptical if it gets to be too much.


**I am not a doctor so be sure to check with yours before starting any new workout routine.  Especially while pregnant it is important to make sure you are cleared for exercise by your provider.  Mine is totally supportive of a Fit Pregnancy and is comfortable with what I am doing for the time being.


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23 thoughts on “Running While Pregnant”

  1. YAY! Pregnant runners! :) This post really resonates with me because I am almost 29 weeks into my first pregnancy, and I just decided to stop running last week – mainly because the pressure on my bladder was annoying. I am still walking and taking barre and strength classes, but I learned a lot by running and I am so glad I did! So happy that you are still able to enjoy the things you love!
    Meghan recently posted..How I Spent My Last Few Days of Freedom!My Profile

  2. Love this! I jogged and lifted while preggo with Kenzer. That was 10 years ago and when we try to get preggo next year I’m hoping to continue (barring any restrictions due to my age)

    Love the bump! :-)

  3. Did you exercise as much as you do now during your first trimester with it her child? I’m only 10 weeks pregnant, but since week 5 I have been so exhausted & sick that I’ve cut my workouts from 6 days/week to 3. It bummed me out at first because it’s so early and I want a fit pregnancy, but after classes & homework (I’m a full time student and it’s a 30 minute commute each way), volunteering, and keeping up with household duties, all I’ve wanted to do is nap! My doctor said this is totally normal and I’ll regain my energy and feel less sick in a few weeks so I’m looking forward to that. I was just wondering your take on this since you’re so active right now & it makes me feel like I should suck it up and be doing more!

    1. No!! I took it easy during my 1st tri because I was so sick. When I started feeling better around 15 weeks I eased back into things. I actually started with couch-to-5k and thought I’d be doing all run/walk intervals. However, my fitness base returned within a week or so and plain running felt fine. If you’ve taken some time off Id slowly build to what you’re used to and just see how your body does. If you’re tired rest is what you need :)

  4. With the hip flexor problems I’m having right now, I actually was a better running during pregnancy than I am now!! haha

    I definitely noticed the decrease in pace, but it wasn’t by that much!! I loved that my body let me run pretty consistently up until 29 weeks. I think the babies like it too 😉
    char @ char eats greens recently posted..CSA pickup: week 8My Profile

  5. I think most women are freaked out during their first pregnancies. I know I was the same way and stopped running at the beginning because my doctor gave me some updated advice. I changed doctors mid-way through actually. If I get pregnant again, I’m definitely going to run (if my body allows me) and workout more than I did the first time, with modifications of course.
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  6. Thank you so much for your post! I have found it very helpful in my decision to keep running. I’m only able to treadmill run because my husband doesnt come home till later & I go for a run as soon as I put my 3 year old to bed with the baby monitor on. I find it a fabulous stress relied/me time & have found it a huge relief that I can continue this routine as I’m a couple weeks pregnant with my 2nd. I am one of the lucky ones that had no morning sickness or tiredness with my first so I’m finger crossing it that this is the case with my 2nd. All good so far. I have had a few negative comments already about my choice to continue to run while pregnant but I just try to educate these people on the subject with the more recent studies & research out there. Thank you again & I look forward to seeing how far I can get along my pregnancy still running :)

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