Comparing Pregnancies

Comparing Pregnancies

I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile now.  I figure since I am now in my third trimester of my second pregnancy and have over 28 weeks under my belt I am in a better position to compare my two pregnancies.  I have gotten a lot of questions about how my pregnancy with Em compares to this one with the Jellybean so here goes!


Comparing Pregnancies


The Belly & Weight Gain

Both of the above photos were taken at 28 weeks of pregnancy.  I feel like for the most part I am carrying the same.  Both girls have sat pretty low in my stomach but stretch all the way out.  This time, my belly is a little more defined and comes straight out.  Last pregnancy it was more rounded.  I attribute some of this to a difference in fitness levels between the two pregnancies.


In regards to weight gain … In both pregnancies I lost a substantial amount of weight the first 15 weeks due to my hyperemsis.  With Emmalyne I gained it back and put on the pounds faster.  I gained 30ish pounds with her and was happy with that number.  This pregnancy, I am sitting at a 14 lb weight gain which is 7 lbs less than I had gained at this point with Em.  If I put on a pound a week until full-term I am looking to sit around 26 lbs weight gain.  I think the difference is due to: 1) Better eating habits 2) Maintaining my fitness better 3) Chasing a toddler.



This is one of the areas that is both pretty similar and yet very difference.  Maintaining a certain level of fitness was important to me when I was pregnant with Emmalyne.  However, I wasn’t sure how much I could actually do.  My midwife didn’t give me much guidance so I figured it out for myself.  In my first pregnancy I did a lot of incline walking and the elliptical for my cardio.  I also did some weight training.  I went to yoga 2-3 times a week.  I never pushed it hard and aimed to keep my heart rate below 140 BPM.


This pregnancy has been the same in that I still do cardio, weights, and yoga.  The intensity though is different.  I am still running at 28+ weeks.  I keep my mileage between 2-4 miles a time because that is what works for me.  My pace is still sub-10 minute miles but I foresee that changing soon.  For weights, I am mainly doing CrossFit WODs.  I love the site because it adapts WODs for preggos.  I feel like I am keeping my body strong while making the changes necessary to accommodate pregnancy.  Finally, I am still going to yoga and actually start a 6-week prenatal yoga session next week.  Instead of focusing on heart rate, I focus on how I feel and my exertion levels.  I make sure I am never gasping for air or getting overheated while working out.  I find listening to my body to be what works best for me.



When I was pregnant with Emmalyne I had all the time in the world.  I had the time to sit down, put my feet up, and relax whenever I wanted.  I could nap every afternoon.  I could spend time rubbing and talking to my belly.  Pregnancy lasted FOR-EV-ER and never seemed to end.  This time?  Aint’ nobody got time for that.  I feel like time is speeding faster everyday.  I blinked and am in my last trimester.  I barely have time to use the bathroom by myself because of a busy and nosey toddler.  I spend my days chasing Emmalyne around the house, drying tears, and taming the war zone that is the playroom.  I try to spend a few night every night visualizing a healthy baby and delivery but most of the time I fall asleep.



Just some common symptoms of pregnancy:

  • Insomnia: Both
  • Nausea: Both
  • Linea Nigra: #1 … still time for it to show up this time though!
  • Pelvic Pain: Both
  • Braxton Hicks: Both … happened MUCH sooner in #2 (20ish weeks compared to 28)
  • Acne: Both
  • Itchy Skin: #2
  • Heartburn: Both


I’d be happy to answer any specific questions about the differences or similarities between the two pregnancies if you want to leave a comment!  I really look forward to seeing the differences in labor and delivery in a few weeks too 😉


Moms of two … were there any notable differences between your pregnancies?


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18 thoughts on “Comparing Pregnancies”

  1. Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now, and love reading about your pregnancy. I am expecting baby #2 as well (21 weeks today), and this pregnancy has been so different than the first! The first was very uneventful…this one, on the other hand…morning sickness till about 18 weeks, incompetent cervix which has now lead me to bed rest. Look forward to reading more of your posts…I’ll have plenty of time now!

  2. I love reading posts like this. I’m done being a baby-factory and it’s fun to think back and reminisce.
    Both of my babies are girls and the two pregnancies were very different. I gained the same amount of weight with both, but my behind was the size of Texas with #1 and my belly was gigantic with #2. I was much sicker the second time and lost weight before I started gaining. Heartburn was worse the second time…it seems like a lot of things were worse the second time around, so it shouldn’t be shocking that #2 was a more…shall we say, “difficult” baby. 😉
    Jamie @ Rise.Run.Mom.Repeat. recently posted..Motor Vehicles -vs- RunnersMy Profile

  3. All of my pregnancies were unique but also all normal and relatively easy. I gained less with each of mine, too but it definitely wasn’t due to eating healthy & exercising 😉 haha!
    Laura recently posted..We RememberMy Profile

  4. My biggest difference is weight gain, 28lbs with #1, and probably closer to 40lbs with #2. But I had just finished 5 months of Army training with #1 so I was in the best shape of my life. Oh well! Also, the linea negra has yet to really show with #2, even at 35 weeks. I’ve had lots more pelvic and hip pain at night with #2 and Braxton Hicks showed up earlier with #2 as well, 15 weeks vs 24. Good luck with the last trimester, you look great!!
    Mrs. F recently posted..Names we will not be using for F2My Profile

      1. Yeah, I’m not worried about the weight gain and stopped weighing myself at home. Luckily I’m tall and the weight is mostly in my belly (and boobs). But I sure can’t wait to get back to normal workouts and yoga!

  5. You are an adorable pregnant woman! :) I just stumbled upon your site and love this post. It’s really interesting to read about the comparisons between both pregnancies. My husband and I don’t have any children yet- I am still trying to decide wether or not I want to wait for one more year; however, every time I hear a pregnant woman say that she can still maintain workouts, isn’t that sick or enjoys her pregnancy- it definitely makes me think sooner than later :)
    Diane @ Life of Di. recently posted..Little Life Updates: September 2013.My Profile

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