5 for Friday

Five for Friday

Happy Friday!  I am SO ready for the weekend … how about you?  This one is going to be far from relaxing as we have something everyday but it’s a break from the week nonetheless!  It’s also one week closer until we move … 20 days and counting!  Keeping things simple once again with a 5 things for Friday post.


5 for Friday



1.  Every morning when I go get Emmalyne from bed and every afternoon after naptime I have to knock on her door to get her to move away from it.  Behind the door is a large stack of books.  Emmie is seriously obsessed with reading and I absolutely love it!

Nap time


2.  I had my first prenatal yoga class last night.  It’s REALLY different from my normal vinyasa style class but I can definitely see myself using the breathing techniques that we worked on during labor and delivery as well as when I just need to de-stress from being a toddler mom 😉


3.  The weather is starting to turn here in the Deep South.  Yesterday morning Em and I got up and headed out for a 3-mile walk with the dogs because it was so nice out!  The afternoons are still in the 80’s but cooler mornings tell me fall is around the corner.




4.  I downloaded the new iOS7 for my iPhone and I am not sure how I feel about it.  I kind of like the look of the old one?  Time will tell!


5.  Emmalyne is REALLY into arts and crafts.  We have spent time every afternoon this weekend in her playroom painting and drawing on the chalkboard table.  I think she is going to enjoy preschool because they do a ton of crafts there :)



Ok that’s all I got this morning!  Going to try to get my to-do list done so we can enjoy the fun things we have going on this weekend with less work.  I should probably start packing at some point too 😉


What’s one thing from your week?

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11 thoughts on “Five for Friday”

  1. She is so different from Penny haha. I love it. Penny likes to read, but she hardly does it by herself, she wants ME to be the reader. I don’t mind most of the time! It’s especially sweet when she comes running in the morning with a book. As for crafts, well, she likes to color and paint… but usually all over herself! Free expression.
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  2. i was sooo like that with books! despite taking a break from them once i hit middle school i’m back to being a bookworm today! my phone hasnt even asked me to download ios7. not sure if i should be insulted? ha! i’m fine with my ios6 for now. i haven’t heard anything AMAZING about it. people seem to be on the fence. emmie will surely love preschool if she loves crafts! i sense a future pinterester.
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