Baby Jail

Long Live Baby Jail

This is one of those moments where I admit parenting defeat.  Remember how I wrote about the toddler bed and how GREAT it was going a couple of weeks ago?  I should have known better.  As a mom you learn that the second you humble brag about something awesome your kid is doing (IE: sleeping through the night, etc) it’s guaranteed to go downhill from there.  Yup.  That’s what happened.


The first week or so of transitioning to her toddler bed Emmalyne did great.  It’s true.  And then something changed.  Homegirl just wasn’t ready for her newfound freedom.  Naps and bedtime became a disaster.  Books, trash bags, and diapers were everywhere.  Her sparkling personality turned volatile over being tired.  So, Chris and I did the most logical thing and put her back in baby jail.


Baby Jail



And you know what?  She couldn’t be happier.


This is one of those moments where I am reminded that although she is a “big girl” in so many ways she isn’t quite two and we can hold on to these moments of babyhood a little longer.  Granted, her eviction notice has been served in the form of her baby sister but we still have two months before B makes her appearance and even longer than that since Em slept in a pack-n-play in our room her first three months of life.


For now, we have decided to get through the move and try again at the end of next month when we pick up her REAL big girl bed.  I’m hoping that the fact that the full will be higher off the ground with a bed rail will give her the sense of comfort and security she still needs.  If not?  She can go back to baby jail and we will try again a month later.


For now, I am going to enjoy the fact that baby jail keeps her contained 😉


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21 thoughts on “Long Live Baby Jail”

  1. I’m new to your blog (I found you on Twitter) and I can’t wait to look around and read more! Just had to tell you that I too had my second son when my first was a little over 2 years old. My older one LOVED his crib – slept so well, never cried or fought me – so I left him in it until he was 3! I told everyone he was going to go to college in his crib 😉 Your daughter probably wasn’t ready this time but switching to a big girl bed and getting a new sibling are both exciting, big transitions so try not to do them both at the same time! Awesome blog :)
    -Samara @
    Sammy @ Peace Love and Ice Cream recently posted..WOD – September 25, 2013My Profile

  2. Em will get there. We took Jordyn out of her crib right at a year. I didn’t realize at the time that it was normal (and suggested by the doctors) to keep them in their crib until they could figure out how to climb out. Jordyn never put a foot on the rail. I just thought at a year you took them out. Ooops!

    That being said, it wasn’t an easy transition for her. She would get out of bed and cry at the door and then sleep on the floorright behind it, making it nearly impossible to move her after she fell asleep. I felt like a bad mom but at the same time, I knew if I stuck it out she’d be fine. After about a week, she wasn’t crying anymore,but was still sleeping on the floor. But I knew she was fine and sleepy fine. She would wake up each morning (and at naptime) fully recharged and happy. It took her about a month before she would sleep in her bed, but that’s because after the first week she realized she had access to her toys and would play until she was so tired she would lay down whereever she was and sleep.

    And now, at 2 1/2 she only plays at naptime (sadly I think naptime may be coming to an end but I’m holding on as long as I can) and then crawls into bed when she’s ready.

    Em will get there when she’s ready and if I could go back, I might have left Jordyn in her crib a little longer. LOL!
    Sabrina @ Work It Ms Jackson recently posted..Friday Faves #10My Profile

  3. That stinks that she wasn’t ready but don’t worry that time will come. We didn’t move Jackson till after Ella was born. Ella came in January and we did it in March so Jack was 27 months old. I didn’t need the crib right away because we also had Ella in the pack and play in our room. I think it also helped that we got Jackson a toddler bed and it was new and exciting. He did great and we never had a problem. Now our only problem is that he gets up once a night to pee but I would rather deal with that then him peeing in the bed. :)

  4. When we were expecting our second, we just bought a $90 crib on Amazon (yay free shipping). I wasn’t jazzed about spending the money, but I was even less jazzed about the idea of my 20 month old roaming free at night, haha. He is a wild man and loves his crib. Mama loves baby jail!

  5. Oh gosh they are ALL SO different and have their own minds and unique timetables. If the crib is what works, so be it. Not a fail by any means, just testing the waters, right?

  6. I’ve definitely learned that you just have to “let it go” and try again if it doesn’t work the first time. I was constantly trying to transition Hunter from the swing to his crib, but he just wouldn’t have it. I decided to let go of it for a month and try again. I did, and what do you know, it went great! She’ll get there. 😉
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..09/26/13: Thursday ThoughtsMy Profile

  7. Our boys stayed in their crib for a long time, my older son especially. He LOVED his crib. We wanted to move him before I had his brother, but he just wasn’t ready. In the end, it worked out better because J slept through the night while we had the baby in our room – which we would have done anyways so I have no idea why we were trying to rush it in the first place. Then after the baby arrived, J felt like it was a big deal to give his crib to his brother which make him feel like a good big brother.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Spaces in betweenMy Profile

  8. sometimes it’s just not worth it to fight with them! at least you aren’t having a hard time eating some humble pie 😉 because that could mean sleepless nights for you/chris and a hard time for emmie. and you need your rest before B comes!

  9. Keep that kid in jail for life!!! When she’s ready the switch will go smoothly. We eases our little girl into a full size bed around 24-28 months. She was beyond ready and we only suffered a few nights of her stumbling into our room.
    Judy recently posted..The Diaper BagMy Profile

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