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Munchkin Meals: 23 Months

I am SO excited to blogging today from the comfort of my living room.  Yup, that’s right … my Internet is fixed!  Chris and I were getting a bit snappy after a week without it so I am pretty thrilled.  Talk about first world problems, no?  It’s nice to unplug but when you have work to do and homework to complete online it can test anyone’s patience.


To celebrate, today is another round of Munchkin Meals with Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life.  Emmalyne is 23 months (!!!!) now and her birthday is right around the corner.  Her eats have changed quite a bit since I first started linking up when she was 7 months old.  For one, her palate is pickier.  I know this is a common stage in toddler-hood and she still eats a varied, balanced, and healthy diet but it is enough to drive a mom crazy!


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Breakfast is usually around 7:30-8AM most mornings.  Em gets up at 7:30 and immediately asks for “milky” which she enjoys while watching a cartoon to give herself time to really wake up.  She is just like Chris and I in that she needs some space in the morning before she becomes her cheery self 😉  When she is ready she runs to her chair at the kitchen table and I serve her breakfast.


Munchkin Meals Breakfast


I try to give Em a couple different options at breakfast because now it’s one of the hardest meals to get her to eat.  This was eggs scrambled with spinach and mushrooms, fresh fruit, organic Applegate low-sodium bacon, and Stonyfield organic strawberry yogurt.


Our mornings are often filled with errands and a trip to the gym.  Em has a snack of dried cereal and a fruit leather most mornings with some water in her sippy.  I start getting lunch ready around 11:45 so she is eating between 12-12:15PM.

Munchkin Meals Lunch

Lunch was low-sodium turkey breast rolls, string cheese, apple slices, strawberries, and avocados.  She is still a major fan of avocados and could easily eat a pint of strawberries a day if I let her.  She is a fiend!


For dinners Emmalyne gets whatever we are having.  Every so often I make her a separate plate if I know for a fact she won’t eat something but for the most part I just adapt our adult dishes.  During the week she and I eat dinner together between 6-6:30PM.  If Chris is able to get home from work he joins us.  If not, he eats later.  On the weekends we always eat together as a family.


Munchkin Meals Dinner


Look familiar?  It’s the same dinner from my WIAW post yesterday :)  Roasted potatoes, grilled corn on the cob, and organic apply sausages grilled to perfection by Chris.


Even though Em doesn’t always eat everything on her plate I keep offering her new foods and tastes hoping to please her palate.  :)


For moms, did your LO go through a picky eating phase?  When did they get over it?  

If you’re not a mom, were you a picky eater?  I sure was.  I lived on PB sandwiches and mac-n-cheese for years.  HA.


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15 thoughts on “Munchkin Meals: 23 Months”

  1. Love seeing what E is eating. Olivia is somewhere between picky and not. She loves any type of meat, yogurt and pureed veggies. She still won’t really eat veggies that aren’t pureed, but I keep trying. One day she’ll get it! thanks for sharing!

  2. I still think Em is a great eater, but I can definitely see how it drives you crazy. W is just starting to branch out a little. I’ve even gotten him to eat meat recently. Crazy.
    Jen recently posted..Maybe babyMy Profile

  3. Our kiddos are the same age, and we’re just now to a point where I don’t think he’s such a picky eater any more. There were points where he would only eat 3-4 foods, and ate the same thing for weeks at a time. He’s definitely a kid that needs to be served something numerous times before he’ll even attempt it, and lots more times before he’ll eat it.

  4. LOVE this! I am quickly falling in love with your blog! My LO is about 3 and a half years old. VERY picky eater and I feel like she’s a snacker. Her portion sizes are tiny so I try to offer healthy snacks throughout the day. I would try to fix it, but she’s always been a small portion consumer. Thank you for posting photos of the meals! Gives me more ideas to offer her at meal times!
    Judy recently posted..QuickieMy Profile

  5. Yes! We definitely went through a picky phase and still are from time to time. It’s funny how some day’s he’ll eat everything on his plate then others he won’t touch his veggies. Like you I continue to offer new foods or ones that he refuses and sometimes he’ll end up eating them. If not I get creative and hide them in smoothies, pancakes, puddings, “cookies”, and granola bars :-)
    Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome recently posted..Munchkin Meals for a 27 month old plus a healthy pudding recipe!My Profile

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