Toddler Bed

The Toddler Bed

Last weekend we started a pretty big transition for Emmalyne.  We moved her into a toddler bed on Friday night.  Well, it’s actually just her crib with the front taken off but same difference 😉


Toddler Bed


Friday night Chris and I both took her in there and told her all about her big girl bed and how much fun it would be to sleep in it.  He read her several books and then I laid next to her and sang a song.  She had her blanket and Boo and was good to go with her sleep sheep on.  I left the room and hoped for the best.


And guess what?!  She didn’t get up once.  We moved the ottoman from her glider next to her bed as a “guard rail”.  She must have fallen out at some point because around midnight Chris found her sleeping on the floor and put her in bed.  Em never once tried to escape and slept until 7:30 the next morning!


I could’t believe how easy that first night went.  Saturday’s nap was a complete bust but since then she has successfully slept in her bed 3 nights and napped Sunday and Monday.  In the morning she reads in her bed until she is ready to get up.  Then she goes and waits by her door.  Seriously.


I have no tricks to how this happened.  She gets 100% credit.  Some of the things I did hear to do is keep their routine consistent which we did.  Even if she didn’t nap on Saturday, she did get quiet time in her room.  When she cried we went in and talked to her, put her back in bed, and left.  It worked for us.





toddler bed 2



So the moral of my story … even though Em showed no signs of being ready to leave her crib, she did great.  Kids are pretty amazing aren’t they?  My anxiety was for nothing.


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  1. I love her bedding. We are currently looking for toddler bedding for my little one (who will also be transitioning to toddler bed, or crib without one rail). Where did you find your bedding?

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