Family Photo 3

Family Photos

One of the things on my fall “to do” list was to take some new family photos.  However, since I have newborn/family photos booked for when Baby B makes her arrival I really didn’t want to pay for two sessions.  So what’s a girl to do?  Meet up with friends and take each others!


In my mind I had this grand idea that Em would cooperate and we could get the photos I was after.  Oh naive thinking … it’s like I was a new mom or something?  Thinking my kid would cooperate … PSH.  Em is in a serious daddy phase and only wanted to be with him which made getting pics of her and I impossible.  She lasted about 5 minutes total and luckily we were able to snag some gems.  I have come to the realization that when it comes to photos as long as I get one that I like then I am a satisfied mama.  You can’t set your expectations too high with a 2-year old.  She is on her own agenda and that is just fine.  :)


Family Photo 1


What did I tell you?  Daddy’s girl.



Family Photo 3


Family Photo 2

Family Photo 4



And like all good parents, when our toddler throws a tantrum we just have to laugh :)


Family Photo 6



We made it up to her by taking her to the “pumpkin patch” in our local park.  If you can’t tell by her face she isn’t sure whether or not she forgives us but loves her little pumpkins nonetheless.


Family Photo 5


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