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Take Two: The Big Girl Bed

About a month ago if you remember we tried transitioning Emmalyne to a toddler bed.  While it was OK for a few days it ended up being an epic fail.  So, we put her back in baby jail and decided to try again after our move.  We had ordered Em a full size bed that Chris was going to pick up after we got settled.  Well my friends … that day was last Saturday and it was time.


The week prior to picking up her big girl bed I spent talking to Em about the fact that it was coming and how exciting it was.  Now I am pretty sure 99% of that conversation went in one ear and out the other but she would say “bed?” a few times so I figured she caught my drift.  She was pretty excited when Chris brought it into the house.  Saturday night we washed all of her new bedding, assembled the bed, and put on the crib rail.  The time had come.


Big Girl Bed 1



SO how did it go down?

Chris and I both snuggled in with her and read her a couple of books.  He gave her a kiss good night and turned out the light.  My plan was to stay and snuggle her for a little bit so she would feel comfortable.  What actually happened?  Em pushed me aside and whined “go”.  I simply asked, “do you want mommy to leave?” and her little voice said “yes”.  Seriously.  So I did. And she went to sleep.  And it was glorious.


She has now spent three nights and two naps in her bed and it is going SO much smoother than the toddler bed.  Once we put her in there she stays put.  Sometimes she might cry for a minute but honestly she normally relaxes with her blankie and might read a book before drifting off to sleep.  Sunday night got a little sketchy at 1:30AM when she woke up crying for her blankie.  It had gotten pushed into the corner and she just couldn’t find it in the dark.

What do I think went differently this time?

First, I think she likes the space.  Sometimes she stays with her head on the pillows and tucked in and all the other times she is all over that thing.  Plus, with the duvet, it is a seriously comfy place to be.


I also think the fact that it is a mattress + box spring and it is high off the ground makes a difference.  She doesn’t feel as free to get out of bed as she did in the toddler bed.  In fact – if she gets out she can’t exactly get back in yet.  I have to pick her up a stool haha.


Finally, the bed rail is clutch.  Per the recommendation of a friend we got the Regalo Hideaway Extra Long Bed Rail.  As you can see from the picture it is almost the entire length of the bed.  I think it gives her a sense of security and reminds her a bit of being in baby jail.


Now, I know it is early still and things could go back to cray but I am fairly confident that this will work this time.  Even though she was sleeping in her toddler bed, she slept on the floor and cried WAY more than she is doing now.  Naps were a nightmare and fight from the start.  Naps in the big girl bed look like this:


Nap - Big Girl Bed

PS – I am finishing up decorating Em’s big girl room now. I will definitely be revealing it on the blog when it’s done :)

I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated 😉  Have a great Tuesday!  I have my first appointment with the chiropractor today and I am a wee bit nervous.

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    1. I can’t believe how fast time goes. I am pretty sure I’ll be sending Em to college and it will feel like it was just yesterday we were here. Trying to soak these moments up! They are only little for a short period of time :/ Good news? It seems like little girls will ALWAYS need their mommies. At least that’s how I feel about mine!

  1. I just saved that guard rail to my wish list on Amazon. Keely will be two in January and that is when we will be making the transition. I’d like to use a twin or full size bed and not her crib (toddler bed) because I feel she would like it better since she loves mommy & daddy’s bed so much. Great tips!
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