36 Weeks Pregnant

Baby #2: 36 Weeks Pregnant

Happy Monday!  We had a busy and fun weekend over here.  Saturday night we had the leadership of Chris’ company over for one last BBQ before his Change of Command on Thursday.  This is really a bittersweet week for him and I’ll get more into it later this week but I am so very proud of my Soldier.  Then yesterday we took Emmalyne to her first movie!  We went and saw Free Birds and she had so much fun.  Definitely a rite of passage for all of us :)  In between all the fun we got a ton done around the house and are chipping away at our baby to-do list!  Wee!  And let’s not forget that I also celebrated turned 36 weeks pregnant.


36 Weeks Pregnant



What is baby up to at 36 weeks pregnant?

  • Baby is the size of a a head of romaine lettuce  – or 6lbs and 18 1/2 inches long
  • She’s shedding the downy hair and vernix that has covered her body
  • She’s one week away from being considered “early term”!


How is mama feeling?

Weight Gain: Holding steady at 20 lbs gained.  Definitely been eating my weight in Halloween candy and pizza rolls though.  Chris said the baby is rebelling against healthy foods that I made her eat through most of my pregnancy haha.


Fitness: Slowing down.  I ran 6 3 times last week and that’s really about it.  I am doing so much around the house right now that I am counting that as my workouts.  I am probably done running this pregnancy – mainly to try to keep my hips loose in an effort to get the baby to turn.  I plan on walking, hitting the elliptical, and hopefully getting in some weights.


Baby Position:  Unfortunately I am 99% sure that she has now turned transverse.  I read online that sometimes second time moms have “loose uteruses” (<–haha) making it easier for their babies to keep shifting positions.  I will know tomorrow though.  If she is still breech, I continue with my chiropractic regiment  and hope for the best :/


Anxiety: I honestly am kind of embarrassed about how much anxiety I have over this baby getting into the right position.  I know that only 3-4% of babies present breech at delivery and my doctor isn’t pushing a c-section until there is not other options (IE: my water breaks, or I hit 41 weeks, etc.) but it is freaking me out.  I have started wrapping my head around it though in an effort to prepare myself but I am still incredibly hopeful that things will be fine.


Over It: At the same time I am hitting the point in my pregnancy where I am getting pretty over it.  I am so thankful to my body etc. to carry a healthy baby and make it to term but I am incredibly uncomfortable and the nightly round of contractions I get are painful and annoying.  Carrying my sweet two year old is getting harder … particularly when she wants to be carried up/down stairs.  I will be patient and soak up these last few “easy” weeks of having Baby B in my belly since life gets a little harder when they are outside 😉


Sleep: One word?  Terrible.  I am almost up every night around 3AM when B practices gymnastics.  Another reason I am hopeful she’ll turn?  She seems to have plenty of space and does incredibly painful rolls and twists and turns in middle of the night.


Emmalyne: Every so often I get a glimpse that Emmie “gets” it.  That there is a baby in mommy’s belly and that she will be here soon.  I truly think Em is going to be an incredible big sister and I am so excited to see my girls together.  I may have bought them matching Christmas shirts this weekend.


From now until delivery our life is cray … but it kind of seems like we always keep our life on the edge of crazy.  Chris’ parents get here Wednesday and then my mom comes two weeks from Thursday.  Things are winding down and getting real!


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21 thoughts on “Baby #2: 36 Weeks Pregnant”

  1. You’re right around the corner!! You look so beautiful. I know I sound so cliche’ but it goes by so fast! You’re only pregers for such a short time. Some women really don’t care for it, but I loved it, yes, even with twins! Enjoy these last few weeks. Big hug!
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted..Sweet Potato DipMy Profile

  2. Change of Command is Thursday? Ahhhh :( I’m sure you are ready but I’m sad because you guys have been great!
    I was always surprised with each of mine how well they took on the Big Sister role, it was like they just knew what to do and it was always so sweet to watch.
    Praying Miss B will turn & that everything goes just the way you want it to.

  3. i can’t wait to see the girls in those matching xmas shirts! i don’t blame you for being “over it”. it’s great to appreciate your body’s ability to carry a baby but dammit i’m sure you wanna meet her already! i think it’s funny that you’re craving the less healthy stuff now – maybe it’s because the baby’s personality has gotten stronger and she’s speaking out loudly against the healthy food! haha
    Caitlin recently posted..MIMM: One Early Night, One Late NightMy Profile

  4. I am pregnant as well, and I am looking to buy some comfortable black pants/leggings like the ones you are wearing in your pic- do you mind sharing what brand they are and where you got them? Thanks! :)

  5. You look amazing!!! And how many weeks along is Trigger? I’m kidding he looks like he has been able to maintain his girlish figure (must be all his squirrel chasing!)

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