Birth Plan

My Birth Plan

Now that I am 37 weeks pregnant and Baby B could make her appearance any time now I thought I would share our birth plan with you guys!  Or maybe I should call it the lack of a birth plan.


Birth Plan


I had an incredibly easy labor and delivery with Emmalyne and ultimately my goal is to have a repeat experience.  From first contraction to delivery my labor was about 5.5-6 hours.  My OB is thinking that my labor this time will be somewhere between 2-3 hours which in itself is kind of frightening.  So here is what my “plan” is for labor and delivery.


1.  Avoid delivering Baby B in the car

This is both Chris’ and my worst nightmare.  I am terrified that I will wait too long at home and progress too quickly en route.  I dilated from 3 to 10 cm in less than 30 minutes with Em.  We have approximately a 30 minute drive to the hospital.


2.  Head to the hospital early

While it is often recommended that women labor at home for awhile my OB would like me to head in immediately upon realizing I’m in real labor.  This is due to the drive we have as well as the fact I am at risk for a precipitous labor.  I won’t object to this one since it will hopefully help my #1 priority (no car delivery) happen.


3.  Avoid unnecessary interventions

I was given a whiff pitocin when I was laboring with Emmalyne because I didn’t progress fast enough for my OB in an hour.  In hindsight I didn’t need this.  Now that I know how quickly I can dilate I will be avoiding pitocin if possible.


4.  Go with what feels right

I had an awesome low-dose epidural with Em and am not ruling it out this time.  It was the lowest dose the CRNA could give and I ended up being able to move my legs the whole time, still had a significant amount of feeling (and subsequent pain) but the hard bite of contractions were taken off.  I felt Em move down during pushing and everything about her coming into the world.  If I feel I need it I will get an epi.  I have also been warned that there is a good chance I won’t get one in time so I am mentally preparing for that scenario as well.  My ultimate goal is a healthy mom and a healthy baby.


And that’s it.  We will do skin-to-skin after delivery etc. but I am not going in with anything written down for the nursing staff etc.  I am pretty go-with-the-flow when it comes to this aspect of everything and trust the medical staff at my hospital fully.  I almost feel like having a loose idea of what I would like to see happen leaves me to not stress about the experience or worry if things don’t go according to my plan.  Hopefully my mom will make it here in time for the shindig and other than that I am good to go!


I should add – I am also mentally prepared for a longer and harder labor even though my OB predicts things to go quickly.  If there’s one thing about L&D it’s that you can’t predict anything so I’m ready for whatever comes my way.


Moms – did you have a crazy detailed birth plan?  How did that go?

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24 thoughts on “My Birth Plan”

  1. Love your plan, especially #1- too funny! I actually had a good friend that ended up giving birth in the car. Her husband tied off the umbilical cord with the car phone charger. All turned out just fine, though I’m sure you’d prefer to avoid that scenario 😉
    Brittany (Healthy Slice of Life) recently posted..The Past 10 DaysMy Profile

  2. I had a birth plan the first time, no epidural or pacifier given was about it. My first labor was 2.5 hours first contraction to done, my second was 1.5 hours, so we are scared as well how this next one will go come February. Our base hospital is like 25 minutes away but we hit it at rush hour last time so the baby was soo close to born in the car. My birth plan is just get to the hospital so a doctor can catch the baby, not my freaked out husband! I think your go with the flow plan is realistic, I’ve heard of some crazy involved ones.
    Lindsay @ fuelmyfamily recently posted..Chocolate Ricotta MousseMy Profile

  3. I did have a basic plan – little intervention as needed; however, I had to be induced as the bugger didn’t want to move, and so things changed a bit. I was flexible in my thinking, which I feel is best when you are in labor as so much stuff can happen – but also like you said sometimes things are suggested that aren’t necessary so you have to find your balance! I’ve seen some crazy birth plans out there, which makes me shake my head but I don’t verbalize it as to each their own – I do feel yours is very fair. I would not like to have my baby in the car either!!!!

  4. #1 is my biggest fear. I only pushed for 6 minutes with B so when I do get pregnant again, if contractions come fast I definitely plan on calling the PD to get an escort (or ride) to the hospital.
    Kelly @ Cupcake Kelly’s recently posted..At PeaceMy Profile

  5. I didn’t have a “crazy detailed” plan but we did have a plan that I shared with my doctor. As it turned out I don’t think one thing happened on my plan! We ended up needing an emergency c-section to save both baby and me – in the end we had a healthy baby. Honestly, it did bother me a bit what I didn’t get to “have” our baby but I’ve come to realize that he IS here and how he got here doesn’t matter. Next time I will go in expecting the unexpected :)

  6. i’ve never had a kid but i am thinking a loose birth plan like this, maybe more a list of birth goals not a plan, is the ideal way to go. birth is not going to go according to a plan most of the time! if you have too rigid of expectations you will end up scared/nervous/disappointed!
    Caitlin recently posted..Accepting My New NormalMy Profile

  7. LOVE how laid back you are about it! I felt pretty much exactly the same as you. Focusing on being a healthy mom and having a healthy baby was my main goal. I tried my best to be open minded, and I’m glad I did because I didn’t really have a choice to be induced.
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..WIAW #103: I My Profile

  8. Thanks for posting this! I’m pregnant with my first and get overwhelmed reading other blogs about moms’ detailed birth plans. I feel like they seem so high maintenance and never actually get followed anyway. It must be so annoying for the doctors! So thanks, now I feel better about not having one :)
    Ciana recently posted..34 WeeksMy Profile

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